Vaimo: A Full Service E-commerce Solution Provider for B2C and B2B Businesses

David Holender, CEO & Co-founder
The trend of online shopping has led to the radical growth of e-commerce market in both the B2C and B2B arenas. The surging rise in the usage of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets as well as online sales tactics like Cyber Monday and Black Fridays increase internet traffic, causing many e-commerce sites to crash due to not handling the high volumes of traffic. Customers expect more from the online retailers and demand personalized shopping experience through all the channels they interact with the retailers. This phenomenon in the online retail market is driving B2B and B2C clients to seek effective e-commerce solutions. By using the Magento as a core platform, Vaimo addresses this need by delivering full service e-commerce solutions, but in addition also developing products, modules, deployment and hosting tools related to e-commerce project. “We do not only have a deep know-how of the Magento platform, but our team has international expertise in e-commerce, ERP, business processes and strategy consulting, in IT (including integrations and hosting). We assist clients to decide on the appropriate tier for their business based on their budget, turnover, number of sites, and a few other factors, which then helps the client to decide which e-commerce platform is the best fit for them,” says David Holender, CEO and Co-founder, Vaimo.

The global firm, headquartered in Stockholm, empowers its clients with solutions that ensure quality performance even during the peak seasons and helps them to stay ahead of the game. Vaimo provides everything from design, development, website optimization, hosting services and advice on e-commerce strategies for improved key performance indicators (KPIs). “We believe in building solutions based on the needs of the clients,” expresses Holender. “The design phase is a crucial part of a project process. We begin the projects with Discovery workshops, where we engage our strategists and UX experts to work with the client to formulate User Journey Maps and Content Maps. We also take the time to analyze the client’s competitors, the latest trends, current market conditions, and the client’s industry in general. We perform benchmarking, user tests, and then we craft the brand-new eye-catching user experience for the client. Also we don’t only focus on the user interface of the webshop, but we take into account the entire customer journey which often leads to omnichannel solutions. This could be to design interfaces for in store staff or admin interfaces for back office in B2B projects.”

Additionally, the company develops its own content management system for the Magento platform, which allows continuously and effortlessly update the rich content on the site. Following the launch of the clients’ site, Vaimo’s team works closely with the client to maintain and conduct regular testing, including AB/Multivariate testing, web usage, and user testing.

We have a deep know-how of the Magento platform, business processes, integrations, and e-commerce as a whole. We utilize this knowledge to assist companies in choosing the appropriate tools to grow their business online

The team also assists merchants to review their existing e-commerce strategies, and see how they can help them grow further.

The ground work for Vaimo’s in-house products is done by the company’s dedicated products and tools department. Vaimo invests 10 percent of its development capacity into product development. “The foremost goal of the products and tools team is to provide our development department with solutions that help speed up the implementation and development process and also simplify the deployment,” asserts Holender. “The net result of this would be lower total cost of ownership and quicker time to market.”

An example illustrating the company’s expertise includes clients like, BAUHAUS Sweden, a renowned home improvement retail chain that was seeking to develop an online store to serve both their B2C and B2B customers. Over the years Vaimo has delivered couple of custom website projects, that allows BAUHAUS customers to shop effortlessly, locate nearest store, order installations, view tutorials for inspiration and instruction videos for building, arrange special deliveries etc.

Vaimo is known for its agile development methodology when delivering the projects, where the emphasis is always on adaptability, active user involvement, continuous testing, and cooperative approach between all the stakeholders. The firm is currently geared up to explore the Japanese market through its strategic partnership with transcosmos, one of the Asia’s largest e-commerce companies. “For the days to come we want to continue delivering cutting edge technology that can be seamlessly incorporated into the Magento platform to proffer the best range of solutions to our clients,” concludes Holender.


Stockholm, Sweden

David Holender, CEO & Co-founder

Vaimo helps e-commerce merchants globally to achieve online success on the Magento platform.

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