VajraSoft Inc.: Transforming the Way Patents are Managed

Kameshwar Eranki, CEO
Business Executives are constantly challenged to acquire competitive intelligence into patent landscape to gain insights and undertake decisions at the right time to improve stakeholder value. The key aspects here involves a thorough knowledge on who owns what type of IP’s, different patent classification groups and patent families they belong to, the products manunufactured, and their market performance. VajraSoft Inc. believes in application of Big Data analytics solutions to solve these business problems. This unique value proposition includes crunching the FDA approved drugs, biologics product and patent information, patent families, post market product and safety information along with providing drug delivery information to patients, related outcomes like adverse events and medication errors.

We off er pre-built integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP’s like Oracle, SAP, to improve the ROI

On a competitive standpoint, VajraSoft provides executives the visibility to entire value chain–from patent to production and to market performance. In-house executives can also gain comprehensive competitive intelligence of their IP, patents, products and post market safety intelligence–to make facts based decisions to improve stakeholder value. “Our key differentiator is our ability to provision end-to-end business automation for IP management including global patent portfolio and cost management, IP Financial Planning, IP Licensing and Royalty Revenue Management, and integrated IP management software. We also offer prebuilt integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP’s like Oracle, SAP, to improve the ROI,” says Kameshwar Eranki, CEO, VajraSoft Inc.

Eranki believes that having a robust and scalable infrastructure is pre-requisite in executing turnkey data analytics solutions. “Since Big Data needs to deal with large structured and unstructured data sets, mining through Terabytes and Petabytes of data in near real-time and to provide on demand analytics– to what, when, where and how a customer wants is even more challenging.
And more importantly, Big Data solution should be applied to specific industry problems and specific markets rather than generalized solutions,” explains Eranki.

VajraSoft has built several IP products including—IPMation Application Suite, PatFolio, PatenTrak, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer, IP Patenalytics, IP Cost-O-Meter for Salesforce and Patent Prosecution Highway Automation. Pintels Patent Intelligent Systems, a BioPharMed IP Intelligence, one of the company’s most comprehensive IP Intelligence provisioning application, delivers intelligent analytics on demand and is specifically geared for Biotech, Pharma and Medical Devices Industry Vertical. “This competitive BioPharMed IP Intelligence is first of its kind in the industry and empowers executives for strategic decision making and to improve stakeholder value. Also the end-to-end, bed-to-bench analytics provide professionals to gain deep insights into drug product-patient outcomes, market safety performance, and analyze drug safety signals to improve the drugs further,” says Eranki. “For the Business Executives Competitive Intelligence analytics are available in dashboards, when and how they are needed” adds Eranki.

VajraSoft’s IP products are all horizontal applications and agnostic of industry verticals. Most of the company’s clients are in biotech, pharmaceutical, electric, electronic, semi-conductor and manufacturing industries. The company is also an Innovation Service Provider (ISP) to the Center for Innovation (CFI), a Pro-Bono office for USPTO in Texas. One of VajraSoft’s clients, a Biotech firm was looking for gaining comprehensive information on IP products, as it was critical for them to invest in right patent families and products to gain right market positioning. “We have been looking for this solution since last several years with Pintels –BioPharMed IP Intelligence solutions, we can now make strategic decisions to execute them,” said the CEO of Silicon Valley based Biotech Company.

With multiple sales channel partners in the U.S., VajraSoft is seeking to increase its global presence with international partners in Stockholm, Sweden, Brazil, Hong Kong, Dubai, India and China. “We will consolidate in these markets and expand into other regional markets. Collaboration with regional partners is part of our overall growth strategy,” concludes Eranki.


Dublin, CA

Kameshwar Eranki, CEO

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