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Valerie Martinelli, CEO, and Owner
Waterbury-based Valerie Martinelli Consulting (VMC) helps mid and senior-level executives land new roles, cultivate their careers, and earn a massive salary increase between $10,000 to over $60,000 through a one-to-one group coaching strategy. The firm is committed to ensuring that its clients are equipped with the proper structure and tools to receive equal advancement opportunities to achieve their professional goals and desired outcomes. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many people are exploring job opportunities, and since most of them are now accustomed to working from home, there is a huge demand for remote work and hybrid workplaces. Since its inception, VMC has been operating remotely, and the firm has continued to assist its clients throughout the COVID-19 situation. Currently, the company is focused on helping its clients by finding them the work environment they seek and assisting them in standing out and advancing in those workplaces.

VMC has partnered with an executive recruiting firm and constantly strives to bring them the best resources they require and attain their goals as quickly as possible. People usually spend a considerable amount of time looking for jobs, but VMC helps employees acquire new jobs within eight weeks or less. VMC possesses much expertise in handling concerns regarding women in leadership roles and toxic workplaces. Employees who have transitioned either to a new role internally or externally often are ill-prepared for their respective positions, and consequently, the entire team under them suffers. VMC collaborates with such clients and works with them on their strategies and communication to hone in on their people management skills.

VMC enables them to manage their teams properly and grow through those challenges without affecting their respective teams. Moreover, the company considers the organizational culture of its clients and discusses those to match with clients’ values. VMC also emphasizes the self-care and mental wellness of its clients as it affects their working methods daily. The ongoing pandemic has already restrained public movement, and employees working in the siloed environment have taken a toll on their mental health. “We work closely with our clients and make them feel supported in their efforts towards a better career,” states Valerie Martinelli, CEO, and owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting.

We work closely with our clients and make them feel supported in their efforts towards a better career

Not everyone defines being a leader in the same way and often ends up mixing leadership and management. VMC invests appropriate time to assess a client’s perspective by discussing their work history under different leaders and how they envision themselves in such a role. The firm helps its clients to be able to identify, develop, and decide in a way they aspire to be a leader rather than be restricted to being a specific type of leader based on the norms established within their organizations. Further, VMC creates a program based on its clients’ future goals, breaks it down in a step-by-step approach, and supports them throughout that journey. The firm also carries out personal branding, resume writing, and LinkedIn updating to land the perfect role for a client. Finally, VMC carries out training in one-to-one sessions and group activities daily, weekly, and monthly basis. “Clients can get strategy, training, and feedback from me but the online group aspect is a huge component as they get a lot of support and encouragement from each other,” adds Martinelli.

For instance, career coaching is an eight-week program where clients can attain a new role and a salary increase based on their role and location. One particular client working as a senior client manager struggled to attain a bigger role, and VMC helped her transition from a small startup to a large ad agency where she joined as an associate director with a $15,000 salary increment. Recently, she advanced internally and got promoted to a higher associate director level with a $10,000 raise. “We do not makeup numbers but we look at a job offer and work through that to see what is best for a client,” adds Martinelli. In addition, VMC ensures to check if its clients are reaching organizational goals and their milestones by taking regular feedback from the client’s respective managers. VMC has a long list of clienteles who have uncovered what they have been doing wrong in their approach, and after collaborating with VMC, they have been able to advance in their careers quickly. Forging ahead, VMC will be hiring more people, expand its horizons and build out more career coaching and leadership development programs. “We are focused on what we can do to stand out in the market and serve more clients,” concludes Martinelli.

Valerie Martinelli Consulting

Waterbury, CT

Valerie Martinelli, CEO, and Owner

VMC offers program-based career and leadership coaching for mid-level and senior-level executives and resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter writing services

Valerie Martinelli Consulting