Valet Manager: Streamlining the Parking Process

Factors like increasing population, urbanization and car ownership have necessitated the global adoption of smart parking solutions to avoid traffic and parking hassle. In addition, smart parking is the perfect and low-barrier solution for modern cities due to its easy-to-install, scalable, efficient, and flexible nature. It brings potential benefits to citizens while harnessing the power of the latest technologies.

Helping cities streamline their parking operations is Valet Manager, offering a complete end-to-end platform that meets all operational needs. This cloud-based platform helps both asset owners with parking facilities and consumers who need parking spaces.

“What’s unique about us is we have an end-to-end solution that starts in the garage to the management of inventory, demand, and audit and then seamlessly captures all this data into an accounting-centric backend analytics engine allowing for easy management,” says Ebby Zachariah, CEO and Co-Founder, Valet Manager. “Our platform is remarkably powerful and currently does the revenue recognition for a majority of the garages in New York City, which is one of the most complicated parking environments in the world.”

Unlike systems that only show the location of parking assets throughout the city, Valet Manager’s platform shows the availability of exact space and accordingly guides consumers. Since the platform administers the inventory, it broadcasts and provides them with up-to-date pricing on availability. It provides asset owners with the ability to dynamically price for space. The sold parking reservations on-demand or on a monthly lease tie to the platform in real-time to show the actual availability in the garage.

When customers drive to a garage, Valet Manager’s computer vision technology reads their car and interacts with their mobile phone to deliver a customized experience. Whether connecting to their cars’ in-dash systems or connecting to third parties that want to sell parking for events, everything is interconnected and easily accessible due to its ability to quickly support, spin, and deploy integrations.
This helps consumers gain real-time information on availability and enables asset owners to maximize their business by offering their services to individuals at the right time.

For instance, a client who operates multiple facilities with over 10,000 monthly subscribers for parking space was struggling with invoicing customers and collecting payments. Valet Manager used its platform to build a customer-facing website for them, where people could pay their bills, request invoices, and set up reoccurring payments. It then used computer vision to track when consumers would enter a facility and exit. This ability to detect vehicle movement helped them understand occupancy and outstanding balance to reduce collection time and automate invoicing.

What’s unique about us is we have an end-to-end platform that features customizable ticketing along with integrated scheduling, messaging, time tracking, on-demand reporting, monthly administration, license plate recognition, reservation support, and analytics

Valet Manager has similarly helped many clients across New York City and developed products applicable nationally and across all domains of parking. It realizes no two customers are the same and offers numerous options for customization. Through an in-depth discussion, it understands their unique requirements and customizes the platform for deploying at client locations. Valet Manager takes this consultative approach for both small and large-scale implementations.

Designed leveraging a decade of experience, the Valet Manager software takes the stress out of the parking process and administration by eliminating the frustrations associated with a paper-based system. It aims to continually deliver customizable reports and real-time analytics to drive deep insights for a holistic view of valet operations through affordable commercial-grade parking service.

Valet Manager

Fort Lee, New Jersey

Ebby Zachariah, CEO and Co-Founder, John Payne, CTO and Co-Founder

Valet Manager offers a complete end-to-end platform that meets all the operational needs through its cloud-based platform that helps both asset owners who have parking facilities and consumers who need parking space

Valet Manager