Valtira: Building Custom Solutions the Right Way in AWS

Morgan Catlin, President and CTO
Software as a service holds significant value in automating repetitive capabilities surrounding basic operations across many companies. While SaaS often proves to be a valuable purchase, sometimes off-the-shelf products do not offer any extra competitive advantage for a company. Enterprises aiming to provide a unique offering to their clients are inclined towards utilizing a more customized solution to communicate with their customers, drive new sales, and improve operational efficiency.

Minneapolis-based Valtira has created a niche for itself in the market, working with AWS to help companies with a high value new solution need, but concerned that past projects have stalled out due to bandwidth and focus of their internal team. The company specializes in helping clients meet business goals by using their new product methodology to design and deliver new solutions on time and on budget. “We guide our customers towards what they actually need versus what they think they need,” states Morgan Catlin, president and CTO of Valtira. The firm operates under an agile methodology and follows the new product methodology process of 4Ds - discovery, design, development, and deployment. Using a consultative approach, the firm understands a client’s specific problem that needs resolution, and applies its 4D process to support start-ups or enterprises with existing technology.

“Valtira develops the right solution in AWS by iterating together with our clients to bring their vision to life,” asserts Catlin. Even during the pandemic’s peak, the firm has helped several organizations with their operational improvements and augmented their strategy development resources. The firm also emphasizes security and cost efficiency and strives to extract the most value while designing a solution. In one interesting scenario, one Valtira customer was using Amazon’s CDN, and Valtira had deployed lambda@edge functions alongside that CDN. The code ran on the edge and AWS notified Valtira that the code was using resources extensively. Valtira reciprocated against this restraint that limited their client from using resources efficiently. Valtira adjusted the AWS configuration to make its solution less costly and easy to use.
George Hadjiyanis, Head of Marketing
Valtira has found high traction in industries where there is an everincreasing requirement of digital communications with internal or external customers – for example insurance, real estate, and hospitality sectors. The results? Accelerated development, increased adoption, and mitigated technology risks. One client, HealthPartners, a health provider and insurance company had marketing data in siloed pockets of the company. The marketing team did not have access to campaign performance metrics and therefore could not easily understand the campaign ROI. Valtira developed a solution to integrate the data between those disparate marketing systems via AWS into a central location. The marketing strategists were then able to make a well-informed decision around their campaigns. It also reduced the manhours needed to deliver that data to their marketing team. “We developed it in an extensible way so our client could connect more data sources as they added new technologies and marketing tools,” adds George Hadjiyanis, head of marketing at Valtira.

Valtira develops the right solution in AWS by iterating together with our clients to bring their vision to life

Forging ahead, Valtira aims to stay abreast with AWS’ new technologies and capabilities while evolving and advancing its strategy accordingly. The Valtira team is constantly learning and training itself around innovations introduced by AWS -- maintaining its association with the AWS product teams to help drive value for customers. With the current challenge in hiring experienced cloud technologists, Valtira is positioned well to leverage their experience and methodology to help meet the strategic and technology goals of their customers.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Morgan Catlin, President and CTO and George Hadjiyanis, Head of Marketing

Valtira specializes in helping clients meet business goals by using its new product methodology to design and deliver new solutions on time and on budget