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CIO VendorShree Sannabhadti, Managing Principal
The energy industry has long been a conventional and conservative industry. Though most of the Oil and Gas companies today employ high end tools at the field, they continue to use antiquated systems at their corporate office; even with effective collaboration, the energy industry is still lagging in the utilization of tools to its fullest potential. That’s where Value Global makes a difference, through its innovative approach in addressing the energy industry’s most pressing challenges. “With our well-established tools, we address process issues in the areas of production allocation, financial allocation, disbursement, mergers and acquisitions, and reporting data,” states Shree Sannabhadti, Managing Principal of Value Global, LLC.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Value Global offers services and solutions that optimize operations of the Energy and Petroleum markets more reliably. “Our cutting edge technology accelerators speed up day to day business events for field, back office, and executive decision-making,” says Sannabhadti. The company’s Energy Information Explorer (EiE) product addresses production management and reporting needs for customers by integrating SCADA with daily and monthly production allocations, volumes, and marketing. The product helps facility heads to view decline curves, identify issues, and manage production better. The Integrated Ownership Workbench (IOW) is another key product that is helpful for conversions and validations of land and ownership data. The health dashboard evaluates the general health of division orders by analyzing it for common issues. Additionally, Value Global helps companies to improve business processes by building custom applications for field services and division order loads, and handling mishaps at times of emergency.

For several major players, Value Global provides comprehensive services in the areas of implementation, production and JVA accounting, and mobility solutions for field operations. The company’s illustrious clientele includes BHP Billiton, Southwestern Energy, Noble Energy, California Resources Corporation, and Golfsmith International.
In one instance, a large oil company approached Value Global to assist in their effort to consolidate multiple e-Business suites, as well as to help upgrade their Revenue and Joint Venture Accounting application, Enterprise Upstream. As a result of this solution, the client’s consolidated Revenue and JVA applications successfully exist in one environment. They are also able to record and report transactional data using multiple operating organizations and multiple currencies, thereby realizing tremendous cost savings by eliminating redundant IT infrastructure and streamlining enterprise business processes.

To achieve success stories like the above, the company employs professionals who truly understand the upstream business of the Oil and Gas industry. This dedicated investment in human capital ensures an engaged work environment for employees, who are encouraged to further develop their skills and expand their expertise. As a result, clients experience top-quality delivery by professionals with the most cutting-edge, innovative problem-solving techniques. “We offer a consultative, customer-centric approach and diligently engage with our clients to understand their pain points in order to fulfill their most pressing business needs,” he claims. Moreover, Value Global aims to build cost-effective solutions on open source/cloud/SAAS platforms in order to curtail the cost of maintenance footprint for the clients.

We encourage our clients to explore and adopt newer technologies such as the cloud, introduce enterprise mobility solutions, and streamline complex business processes to remain agile in a fast-paced and dynamic industry

Moving forward, the firm is very keen to track new technologies, specifically in the areas of mobility and connectivity, to serve the consumers in a more robust manner. Value Global envisions continuing the same line of developing great solutions by leveraging process knowledge, and new technologies.

Value Global

Houston, TX

Shree Sannabhadti, Managing Principal

Offers consultative, cutting-edge solutions for the Oil and Gas industry to streamline data and integrate operations across disparate departments