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David Engberg, President
In the recent years, organizations are looking into business process management (BPM) tools that add a new dimension to their approaches while implementing strategies, tracking performance, and deriving insights to accelerate enterprise productivity. However, a number of challenges await at the doorstep of the CIOs who are seeking to adopt the most befitting BPM software in their business. The cost complexities, frequent need to adapt to the market and technology changes, security, and time taken for its implementation and installation are the factors to be considered and dealt with while utilizing BPM solutions. Easing up the entire process, Vanguard Systems provides enterprise management solutions that are designed to enable application integration as well as fast implementation toboost organizational efficiency. “Vanguard’s mission is to make the software intuitive and non-technical so the business unit is able to administer the BPM process they use,” beams David Engberg, President, Vanguard Systems.

Staying in line with the ongoing trends in providing BPM software, where vendors are attempting to provide industry-specific vertical applications, the Aston, PA headquartered provider, offers custom templates, which provide a quickstart. From accounts payable process automation to health care processes such as admissions processing, insurance or mortgage processing to HR forms and administration, Vanguard caters to diversified landscapes.

Realizing that cost saving is achieved maximally through applications that are based on transactions; Vanguard focuses on a transaction-based automation strategy. “If a business improves efficiency by a small percentage for millions of transactions annually, the savings can be huge,” observes Engberg. The screen and dashboard creation can be cited as an example to this. Vanguard software has integrated screen building with edit rules and validation included. “All that the BPM administrator needs to do is select the data and documents that are required for each task, identify the order in which the data should be displayed and the data fields where inputs are required,” illustrates Engberg.

Quoting Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, who once stated, “Simplicity is about bringing order to complexity,” Engberg says, “Vanguard emulates the aspect of simplicity in its BPM application.” With its feature-loaded, ‘hand-in-glove’ integration with business applications, Vanguard provides the ease-of-use factor without over-loading the customer with technical jargon.

Vanguard’s mission is to make the software intuitive and non-technical so the business unit is able to administer the BPM process they use

This allows customers the convenience to migrate their systems to production within one week of initial implementation. Post deployment, the provider is committed towards securing the client’s investment in Vanguard’s software, ensuring the best ROI possible for the client.

In one instance, a large energy company, which had field level equipment repair purchases at more than 100 locations and a centralized payment processing system, observed gaps in their ledgers. The expenses for equipment repairs were in large amounts with 15-day payment discounts terms. Vanguard assisted the organization with its process automation; eliminating missed discounts and helping them save millions of dollars every year.

The customer success stories add credence to the functionality of Vanguard’s solutions as well as its philosophy to empower customers through innovation. Bestowing users with adaptability and empowering process owners to maintain process flows, without frequent procedural changes, and speed-to-production are some of Vanguard’s delineating factors. “The understanding that ‘no two people are the same’ is very important for me as a person and the same idea is applied at Vanguard, whereeach person and customer’s problem is treated individually,” denotes Engberg.

Having recently launched its third generation of software, Vanguard is already on-hands with its fourth generation software, which promises to be more easy, intuitive, and powerful with business implications. “At Vanguard, we constantly endeavor to achieve reputation as the easiest-to-use, and fastest ROI, BPM product,” assures Engberg.

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David Engberg, President

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