Vantage Production: One-stop Solution for Mortgage Industry’s Loan Origination Requisites

Sue Woodard, CEO & President
The effects of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 have left lender CIOs challenged to grow their organizations within an extremely tight regulatory environment. CIOs are required to maintain a compliant and secure operating environment, encouraging organizations to find a mortgage specific “true CRM” that maintains smooth coordination among several technologies and vendors. Vantage Production’s VIP (Vantage Integrated Production) SaaS solution fulfills these current requisites by empowering the mortgage industry to integrate data from multiple internal systems in a comprehensive and efficient CRM. The company’s enterprise-class VIP solution leverages the lender’s data and business intelligence to optimize all aspects of business such as marketing, sales, compliance methods, audit capabilities, and data security.

VIP integrates with a wide range of loan origination systems, product eligibility and pricing engines and credit bureaus. Such large scale integration provides necessary controls for corporate oversight, while also maximizing the sales team’s effectiveness in the field. “A single incorrect message from the sales department can lead to significant losses stemming from fines and legal action,” says Sue Woodard, President and CEO, Vantage Production. The company’s powerful VIP solution addresses this pain-point by offering controlled, compliant, uniform messaging and methodology for the enterprise’s sales team. The VIP solution also possesses the ability to instantly produce powerful, informative and easy to understand customer presentations. “Our comprehensive presentations help build the image of the loan officer as a thorough professional who has the right solution for every borrower’s goals,” states Sue. “This leads to higher conversion rates, which in turn increases current revenue and adds contacts to the database to receive automated client retention campaigns.”

The company incorporates mission-critical features into its VIP solution, including robust lead management services. “Lead management, apart from maximizing the business opportunities, acts as the center of regulatory compliance. Each communication has to be skillfully created and cannot be left to the individual salesperson as in the past,” Sue says. Vantage Production’s VIP solution facilitates lead management by providing a broad array of marketing programs and campaigns to suit the needs of loan officers.
This is just one of the ways in which the company provides extensive support to clients. The platform allows loan officers to have a customized, personalized dashboard to act as their point of sale, including secure transmission of a loan application.

Our comprehensive approach builds the professional image of the lender, solidifies compliance in a tricky regulatory environment, and increases profitability through greater efficiencies

Capitalizing on its expertise with websites, the company has assisted several enterprises across the nation in refining their relationships with customers. For example, a renowned client, who was struggling to consolidate the point of initiation for mortgage customers, wanted a trusted partner who could efficiently develop their front-end ecosystem. The client’s search ended with the assistance of Vantage Production’s customer-facing website. The capability of the website to direct all customer leads into the client’s CRM allowed the lender to achieve higher returns. “Our customized website enabled the client to efficiently manage their sales processes and all contacts with the customers,” Sue explains.

As part of its never ending R&D and continual innovation program, the company has just launched a mobile solution that enables loan officers to utilize the power of the VIP solution while spending more time in the field. Vantage Production also looks ahead to offering a ‘Professional Development Center’ that provides proficient training, content, education and skills based development courses. “Additionally, we’ll be releasing a secure document capture feature, enabling loan officers to take an application and securely upload paystubs or bank statements right from their mobile devices,” concludes Sue. “In our quest to deliver what successful lenders and their loan officers seek as a full service point of sale and front end solution, the best just keeps getting better.”

Vantage Production

Red Bank, NJ

Sue Woodard, CEO & President

A provider of Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) SaaS solution that empowers the mortgage industry by driving business intelligence across complete CRM operations