Varnish Software: Accelerating Digital Content Delivery–Anywhere, Anytime

Lars Larsson, CEO
Companies are increasingly seeing the value and convenience of building their own content delivery solutions, whether they need an origin shield to protect their CDN against sudden traffic spikes, a hybrid solution that combines the need for commercial CDN services and private cache servers or fully private solutions.

SFR, a French provider of voice, video, data and internet telecommunications and professional services to consumers and businesses, is one of France's most-visited websites. With exponential growth in video-on-demand and in the costs of meeting traffic demands, they wanted to look for in-house options that provided performance, scalability and flexibility while reducing costs. SFR moved from a commercial CDN provider to Varnish Software to help build a scalable, content delivery option. Not only did they reduce their own costs and gain complete control over their digital content delivery, they created a new revenue source, as they were able to sell CDN services onward to their own customers..

Similarly, at a recent Varnish Summit in San Francisco, a team from Tesla Motors explained the journey they took in building their own private content delivery network (CDN) solution using Varnish Software technologies. Tesla needed a private CDN that could provide caching, a robust Geo-DNS and service discovery that worked seamlessly from wherever in the world content was accessed. With its HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic websites and Varnish Plus product designed for large data sets and persistence, helped Tesla develop its own four-tier CDN system for global software and video distribution.

Conscious of the aforementioned changes in content delivery demands and the creative ways they were managing to offer their customers solutions to meet their changing needs, Varnish Software recently launched Varnish Extend in partnership with global web traffic management provider, Cedexis. Devised to meet the needs of companies such as SFR and Tesla, Varnish Software and Cedexis offer flexible content delivery options with Varnish Extend.

“The content delivery market is changing rapidly and more customers are building their own solutions in order to control cost, enhance performance and customize according to their changing digital content delivery needs,” says Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software.

We aspire to offer best-of-breed solutions in the digital content delivery arena to firms worldwide. The CDN market is evolving, Varnish Software wants to help change the game

The company, armed with its specialist team, aims to provide the best web performance and innovative solutions to enhance clients’ productivity and business. “We aspire to take the company to new heights in the content delivery arena by offering best-of-breed solutions to firms worldwide. The CDN market is evolving, Varnish Software wants to help change the game,” says Larsson.

Fundamentally, Varnish Cache started as a powerful open source HTTP engine/ reverse HTTP proxy that can speed up a website by up to 1000 percent with caching. It visits the server once to cache the page and future requests for the same page are served at lightning-fast speed with fewer backend server resource requirements. In addition to Varnish Extend, Varnish Software’s commercial offerings built on top of Varnish Cache, include Varnish Plus and Varnish API Engine. Varnish Plus gives users access to an exclusive set of components and expert support that facilitates high-powered, secure and scalable internet operations. Varnish Software also offers Varnish Plus Cloud— designed for small-to-medium-sized enterprises who want the performance and scalability of Varnish Plus implemented on virtual servers. The new cloud offering is a version of the Varnish Plus software suite that can be accessed via the Amazon Web Services marketplace. Varnish API Engine is an API management solution that lets users handle high-volume APIs through one central point, modifying and controlling access without negotiating API performance.

Varnish Software

Stockholm, Sweden

Lars Larsson, CEO

Varnish Software’s high-performance content delivery solutions, Varnish Plus, Varnish API Engine and Varnish Extend, provide fast and reliable digital content delivery at any scale while giving companies the flexibility to maintain control over their content

Varnish Software