Vault Intelligence: The Vanguards of Risk Management

David Moylan, Founder
David Moylan, the Founder, and CEO of Vault Intelligence, taps into his prodigious knowledge, as an ex-Director of Safety and Risk Management for the Australian Army, to propel his company toward helping organizations mitigate risks and ensure employee well being. Initially started as a risk consultancy in 2000, Vault Intelligence has come a long way today to emerge as a global provider of best-in-class risk management solutions for enterprises across industries. The firm’s innovative solution enables organizations to integrate end-to-end health, safety, compliance and risk management operations into a single platform that also comprehensively manages governance and risk requirements. The firm’s all-in-one approach toward risk management and employee’s health and safety help businesses easily meet and exceed their safety and compliance goals.

“Businesses have various risks across discrete components. We can manage all those by employing best practices, especially in the health and safety sector,” states Moylan. Enterprises stand to gain from Vault Intelligence’s ability to proactively detect risks and compliance issues, helping them adhere to all regulatory rules and compliance requirements. The firm’s intuitive dashboard bestows a single pane of glass to view all risk factors such as law violations and hazardous events as they happen, to take immediate corrective actions. The easy-to-understand user interface delivers actionable insights for the management to steer the company toward risk-free operations. Further, Vault Intelligence’s risk management solutions have innate defensive measures and preventive algorithms to avoid risk-inducing parameters which also guides in developing risk strategies. Vault Intelligence also provides fit-to-purpose tools to perform robust data analytics in real-time, assisting in intelligent decision making.

Backed by plug-n-play smart apps, the company’s platform also enhances operational workflows by bridging communication between ground staff and the executives. Besides enabling investigations on the go, the cloud-based apps further simplify audits and inspections with comprehensive reports that include written, photographic and video evidence. Additionally, employees can also report on every incident or hazard while on site to discuss best possible solutions with their management.

Vault Intelligence also provides fit-to-purpose tools to perform robust data analytics in real-time, assisting in intelligent decision making

With an impressive track record of protecting more than one million employees across thirty industries in over 350 companies, Vault Intelligence is setting up new benchmarks in the risk management arena. One example would be SPCA Canterbury’s success in empowering their staff with all the relevant data available at their fingertips to easily handle self-health and safety to manage risks. Being a company engaged in animal rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing, and community education, SPCA deals with individuals having a history of violence against people or animals. A Health and Safety solution coupled with proactive risk management information is a game-changer in such scenarios. Post implementing the Vault platform, employees started reporting hazards and events in real time through videos and snapshots, enabling management to suggest quick remedies, resulting in improved personal protection and risk mitigation for the employees.

As part of its product roadmap, Vault Intelligence is working hand-in-hand with prominent telecommunication and international hardware providers to bring its future vision and exploration of advanced mobile applications into fruition. Primarily focused on developing intuitive platforms backed by Artificial Intelligence and new-age technologies that support tablets, smartphones, and watches, the initiative is for enabling interactive risk management and business operations on the move. Integrating iOS technology into their prime offerings is also in the pipeline.

Besides its inspiring vision to make the world a safer place, the company is also set to increase its global footprint with new offices in Asia and other parts of the world.

Vault Intelligence

Carlton, Victoria

David Moylan, Founder

Develops innovative software solution integrating end-to-end health, safety, compliance and risk management

Vault Intelligence