Vault Solutions: Large Scale Email Archiving Made Simpler with Office 365

David Ouellette, President and Founder
The email or messaging systems operated by large corporate organizations mirror unorganized warehouses of valuable information. Studies suggest that three-fourths of an organization’s intellectual property is contained within such messaging systems. That said; CIOs are agonized by the herculean task of securely transferring humungous amount of archived data, each time a company undertakes a project to migrate archived emails from one system to another in the least possible time. While Veritas Enterprise Vault helps large organizations store, manage and retrieve unstructured data, the company often relies on third parties to respond to additional demands from the customers’ end. This is where Vault Solutions steps in. Picturing his company as a small barge which helps large cargo ships like Veritas, David Ouellette, Founder and President of Vault Solutions says, “We take advantage of the solid archiving platform provided by Veritas to add additional value to their customers.” Having worked with Enterprise Vault for over nine years, Ouellette and his team of experts can move the data directly from the Enterprise Vault archives to Office 365. Highlighting the latest trends with respect to Office 365, Ouellette says that—“One of the greatest advantages of using Office 365 is the virtually unlimited amount of data that can be stored in each mailbox.” In addition, owing to their Veritas Technology Partner Program partnership, Vault Solutions has access to Enterprise Vault’s Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which enables them to integrate their products with Enterprise Vault and provide seamless solutions.

While most Office 365 mailboxes have a 50 GB limit, some Archive Mailboxes such as with E3 and E4 plans have no bar on storage limit. Vault Solutions’ Archive Accelerator product can move the Enterprise Vault mailbox archived data directly and securely into the Archive Mailboxes in a single step, allowing them to take full advantage of that feature. One key feature is that it can be configured to restore only the data from the archives for which the users still have short-cuts for, and can do that even after they’ve moved the mailboxes to Office 365. Archive Accelerator restores archived messages to the current location of the short-cut.

To meet eDiscovery requirements and compliance regulations many companies migrating to Office 365 still have a need to journal their email – that is, keep a central copy of each and every message sent or received. Such regulations affect every medium or large company in the U.S. Though these journal archives are only accessible to the IT, Compliance or Legal departments, they are also useful to anyone who misplaced or accidently deleted a message they need to retrieve. Archive Accelerator Search bridges this gap created by Enterprise Vault—the product acts as a filter to allow any user to access the journal archives, but only see their own messages.

Leveraging Archive Accelerator, Vault Solutions puts the power of Veritas Enterprise Vault directly in the hands of each user. Another added advantage is that the company’s solution is easy to install and configure. Vault Solutions recently assisted a Norwegian firm who was migrating 2800 mailboxes to Office 365 and needed to move their Enterprise Vault Archived data as well. It was important to this client that the users’ main mailbox have those short-cuts replaced with the archived item from Enterprise Vault, which Archive Accelerator Restore does with one step.

A pilot boat is small, but brings critical expertise to allow large ships to navigate unfamiliar waters

This insures that only the items the user had short-cuts for were restored to the main mailbox, and that the items were restored to the exact location of the short-cut, which is not always the location the item was archived from originally. After replacing the short-cuts with the original, Archive Accelerator Restore puts all archived data into the users Archive Mailbox in Office 365—all in a single step. Ouellette states—“The client’s ability to work directly with our support organization helped make this very successful migration.”

Vault Solutions offers the flexibility its customers’ expect from their Enterprise Vault infrastructure. For instance, using a combination of Enterprise Vault and Archive Accelerator enables customers to archive all voice mail when using a unified communications solution—AVST CX-E. This integration with AVST CX-E allows companies to instill virtually any type of data into Enterprise Vault. Once archived, the full features of Enterprise Vault such as retention management, compression and indexing can be utilized by the users.

As a company that solely caters to Enterprise Vault customers, Vault Solutions’ strives to offer 100 percent flexible solutions allowing its clients to make the most out of Office 365. In these lines, the company is currently focused on test automation and expanded performance testing. Vault Solutions’ roadmap includes measures to further the test automation using Azure, rather than relying on on-premise labs. “Azure will let us scale the test environment as much as required for the duration of the test, then break the environment down to save costs once the testing is complete,” adds Ouellette. Shedding light on the company’s relationship with Microsoft, he says, “One thing that we are really trying to do is to build on top of the Microsoft Technologies as much as possible.” Also, by moving to the later versions of Microsoft’s software quicker, Vault Solutions takes advantage of new functionality they put into development tools quicker than other peers.

Ouellette, who was an Enterprise Vault Product Manager at Symantec dealt with several clients who were looking for customized solutions that best caters to their business objectives. With this vast experience in software development and demand from clients end for advanced solutions, Ouellette and his son Jeremy, who is also a Software Engineer, built Vault Solutions to its current heights. Drawing an analogy between his interests in boating and his entrepreneurial abilities, he says— “A pilot boat is small, but brings critical expertise to allow large ships to navigate unfamiliar waters. When a large company comes to us, though we are small, we provide that critical expertise they need for a project such as migrating their archived email to Office 365.” Over the recent past, the company witnessed a steady growth in number and size of customers approaching them to migrate their archived data to Office 365. Taking this trend of customizing solutions to another level, Vault Solutions aims to branch out from Enterprise Vault and aims to put a more general focus on managing and maintaining unstructured data in the future. The company’s roadmap also includes its plan to incorporate cloud in its solutions to better address the clients’ needs.

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David Ouellette, President and Founder

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