VCE: Reimagining Converged Infrastructure

Chad Sakac, President
Instant accessibility to data and applications, extensive collaboration, and frequent improvements in productivity are a few demands of customers for transforming their business. Today, these demands have changed the way information is delivered through an organization’s IT infrastructure. The unique approach of converged infrastructure helps meet these necessities for operational success. But the service providers are facing challenges to develop, deploy, maintain, and scale solutions serving over a multitude of customers in a quick and cost-effective manner. Citing the concerns around enterprise IT, VCE, the converged platforms division of EMC, accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models, allowing customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating, and managing IT infrastructure. “The rise in popularity of converged infrastructure products will fuel demand for data center experts with in-depth knowledge of networking, storage and virtualization technologies,” begins Praveen Akkiraju, CEO, VCE.

VCE offers a comprehensive suite of professional network infrastructure services accelerating each customer’s transformation journey to virtualization and cloud computing. The suite comprises of cloud, data center, end-user computing, and security and data protection services. In cloud service, the firm provides guidance and support in planning, designing, deploying, and implementing cloud environment. VCE delivers fully integrated and virtualized cloud infrastructure systems in tandem with their services to reduce IT costs while improving time to market. The firm provides Vblock Systems to seamlessly integrate best-in-class compute, network, and storage technologies from industry leaders Cisco, EMC, and VMware to meet rapidly shifting business opportunities. The product simplifies all aspects of IT and enables organizations to quickly achieve better business outcomes. The product also incorporates VCE Vscale Architecture that delivers augmented agility, simplicity, and assurance for adapting the scalable and flexible needs of customers’ diverse operational models. The offering includes support for ensuring proactive identification and resolution of challenges in a single call.

Vblock System is our platform of choice for customers seeking a private cloud solution installed on or off the premises

In an instance, Canopy, a strategic alliance for Atos, EMC Corporation, and VMWare for open computing, needed a secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure to deploy a platform for offering their clients with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. VCE implemented Vblock Systems that delivered a variety of cloud solutions, on and off customer premises. Post implementation, Canopy had a global cloud platform in three continents. This eliminated the need to purchase servers and other networking components from different vendors and enable the client to focus on their product rather than infrastructure integration. “Vblock System is our platform of choice for customers seeking a private cloud solution installed on or off the premises. It’s all integrated. It’s all packaged. And it’s so simple to mount applications on,” says Jacques Pommeraud, CEO, Canopy.

With an established cloud, enterprises seek to expand their data center for accommodating greater degree of data transmissions. The expansion makes it difficult to implement new infrastructure systems. VCE’s data center services support the customer in deploying the converged infrastructure systems while staying active in expansion. “We tune infrastructure for the customer’s specific workloads and application environment,” says Akkiraju. End-user computing services help in improving productivity and user experience while implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Additionally, the company’s Security and Data Protection service secures information in vulnerable environments.

Forging ahead, Akkiraju plans to innovate on converged infrastructure technologies to simplify IT for its customers. “As long as we continue to innovate in the converged infrastructure space and take our core value proposition of simplicity further up the stack, we are going to continue to lead,” concludes Akkiraju.


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Chad Sakac, President

Delivers fully integrated and virtualized cloud infrastructure systems, allowing customers to focus on business innovation