VDIworks: The Apex Experience in Virtualization

Saad Hussain, President & CEO
An organization faces a blockade to operational scalability due to reliance on physical desktop infrastructure, which has inherent limitations in terms of application and process instances. As a corollary, the organization has to rely on age-old version of operating system as migration constrains costly hardware upgrades. The internet native desktop virtualization unfolds cost-effective practices, infuses scalability into application emulations, and supports multi-tenancy. Factors like variance in software licensing terms and fees, uncertain return on investment, and the end user acceptance usually perplex organizations in selection and deployment of a virtual desktop infrastructure solution. Austin, TX, based VDIworks provides cost effective virtual desktop infrastructure solutions and aptly addresses deployment worries.

VDIworks’ flagship solution, Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) offers a VDI management system, which amalgamates connection brokering, Virtual Machine (VM) management, physical management, and support for a variety of remoting protocols. The company utilizes cloud services from CenturyLink to add ease of accessibility to its VDI suite. “Providing Desktops as a Service (DaaS) from one of the leading Cloud providers has been a key part of our strategy,” says Saad Hussain, President and CEO, VDIworks. Through a single dashboard, the in-built system administrator assists to track managed assets such as VMs, hypervisors, thin clients, servers, and user groups. The dashboard helps the user to visualize and map filters and delegation of security rights. The configurations and customizations are maintained between connections via connection switching, profile and data redirection. The distribution of sessions from clients to VMs is safeguarded through connection broker mapping.

VDP secures the users with single sign-on and authentication that are based on active directory integration and measures like mass storage and ID-based device lockout, extensive audit logs and reporting.

We measure our success only through the success of our customers

The platform uses open data formats such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and standards like Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to write automation scripts and export data to other management and reporting tools. VDP offers Hypervisor agnostic VM Management and enables the client to concurrently run multiple Hypervisors in the existing environment.

The comprehensive and cost effective VDP has successfully solved the IT infrastructure problems for a variety of clients that serve large number of end users without overshooting their budgetary measures. In one of the instances, a client from the education sector- Dell City School District wanted to impart pedagogy via online mode and upgrade its infrastructure without employing resource for management and support. Again, the economic constraints did not allow the client to replace every desktop. Using virtual desktops from VDIworks, a partner of VDIworks helped the client to aptly address the learning needs of the students. The client was provided maintenance and technical-support in economical manner along with the latest version of Windows 10. Eventually, the client was able to furnish remote learning facilities to the students at minimal cost and upgrade storage infrastructure.

In its pursuit to bestow the client with easy to deploy and use virtual desktop infrastructure, which will suit the monetary constraints, VDIworks strives to be innovative. The company’s zeal for being innovative can be gauged from the fact that it has been awarded six patents and 12 patent applications are awaiting approval. The company benchmarks its performance on customer satisfaction and analyzes the client feedback to ameliorate the desktop virtualization experience. “We measure our success only through the success of our customers,” says Hussain. Of late, the cloud based VDI solutions have been gaining ground rapidly in the terms of acceptance and installation. This scenario proffers VDIworks a great scope to foray into new markets and register remarkable revenue growth.


Austin, TX

Saad Hussain, President & CEO

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