Vector Networks: Robust IT Asset Life Cycle Management

Erick Yanez, CEO
IT is a huge element in today’s capital investment plans for enterprises. Evolving technologies have introduced many types of physical and virtual assets and related processes in a scenario where security is of paramount importance. In context, ineffective processes, administration and access control, lead to wastage, and lapses in security. With a repertoire for budgeting, managing and reducing IT costs, Georgia-based Vector Networks stands well positioned to improve visibility, optimize utilization, ensure license compliance, and streamline the management of IT assets. “Our interesting mix of fresh ideas, proven technology and expertise through automation of business processes as well as an asset management solution which is better integrated with all departments, provides greater visibility for C-level executives,” says Erick Yanez, CEO, Vector Networks.

By introducing the next generation asset management solutions, Vector’s user-friendly tool, Vector Asset Vizor integrates with systems management products of Vector, Microsoft, Dell or HP and reduces IT costs by optimally administering IT assets. Vector Asset Vizor provides a powerful web-based interface and offers a central consolidated view for management of the complete IT asset life cycle from employee request, through approval, procurement and provisioning.

The tool improves three aspects of asset management—efficiency, security and cost. Vizor promotes the reuse of assets and recovers them when not in use thereby reducing waste. For instance, in a hospital, an employee having access to many systems in the cardiology department might be transferred to some other department. There are very expensive licenses and software, for which exercising a very tight control of the usage is important in terms of security as well. “Vizor’s configurable processes and workflows combined with third party integrations, support assets throughout the life cycle. The framework facilitates multi-level approvals, provisioning and de-provisioning of assets automatically,” explains Yanez.

With capabilities to integrate with external systems such as HRIS, Vizor enables automated role based provisioning of assets and de-provisioning of the assets in case of the employee leaving the organization.
For instance, a large medical university was paying huge telecom bills in lieu of the pagers allotted to the medical students. “Since students have a clear time frame for their graduation from the university, through the implementation of Vizor, they could reduce the wastage, by the system automatically disabling the access for the pagers after a particular date,” adds Yanez.

Vizor's configurable processes and workflows combined with third party integrations support assets throughout the life cycle

Vector Network’s solutions benefit a plethora of clients across varied industries with a particular emphasis on finance, education, healthcare, and legal. Erick recalls how they helped a leading law firm which wanted a web-based solution to track and manage the slow and myriad systems in use across multiple locations. “We brought together the three key areas—assets, people and locations into the single asset management system, Vizor. In addition they have also brought the valuable works of art exhibited in their various offices into Vizor, to track, value and manage them efficiently and securely,” adds Yanez.

Yanez and his team’s innovative focus continue on powerful and elegant technology combined with rich functionalities. On the intelligent allocation front, the firm is improving capabilities on the automated analysis engine, to suggest provisioning on allocation rules based on job position and actual usage. Yanez envisions that an organization’s requirement for managing IT assets will apply in a similar way to IoT, set to grow exponentially. He says, “Vizor will continue to provide a central view of individual responsibilities and optimized utilization of devices, supported by efficient processes extensible per device in the new ocean of Internet-connected ‘things’.”

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Erick Yanez, CEO

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