VeeMost Technologies: Expert Data Center Consultant and Voice Services Provider

Melvin Ejiogu, CEO
Information technology (IT) continues to expand its horizon and diffuse at a rapid rate. Industry spending on IT equipment and software has risen to exponential numbers signifying its growing amenity and need in current market scenario. As IT is witnessing its unprecedented proliferation, numerous companies are experiencing decline in the eminence of the IT service providers. Most of the IT companies today lack the element of trust in them. These companies are more focused towards deploying their tools and solutions without actually investing time in knowing their client’s background and demands. The high price tag that their solutions carry is another reason that the industry is calling for a protagonist who can proffer most service and solutions present in this generation at best possible price without compromising in expertise. Answering to their need is Akron, OH headquartered VeeMost Technologies , building bridges between firms and their goals since 2002.

VeeMost is a leading provider in Technology Services for small-medium business, large business, government entities and non-profit organizations. It is not just an IT company, but more like a trustworthy business partner that ensures the achievement of targeted business goals. VeeMost Technologies has been able to rectify the most hovering challenge that startups, small and midsized companies come across during their course of journey, and that is the incapability to afford high-end IT services. “We help our clients implement the right technologies at the most efficient cost possible,” exclaim the CEO and the man behind the exemplary success of VeeMost Technologies, Melvin Ejiogu. The company even provides expert level services to other IT consulting companies who lack the expertise that VeeMost excels in. But more importantly, VeeMost brings the prowess of IT services to clients who do not possess an in-house IT department or the time or expertise to implement and manage their infrastructure.
VeeMost has a whole array of solutions and services catering to challenges of every type. “For the companies that have a full-fledged IT department but lack the training programs necessary for the cutting edge technology they need, we assist them in their IT projects and after its completion we train their techies and engineers regarding the tools and technologies we implemented. We put them back in control.” adds Melvin. As an advanced Cisco Data Center Architecture Partner, VeeMost possesses all the necessary expertise and experience in building and implementing data centers of every size to upscale the business continuity.

VeeMost offers a range of Voice, Data and Technology Solutions to meet the daily needs of businesses. Voice-Over-IP SIP trunking is a major solution offering from VeeMost, which enable customers to upgrade their old POTS (plain old telephone system, a.k.a land lines), PRI, T1 lines to the advanced and scalable SIP trunks. VeeMost also offers a 24X7 VoIP services Cloud Hosted Phone System Solution that keeps the business running 24X7, and On-Premise PBX Phone Solutions for the customers who are not comfortable with the Cloud solutions due their industry. For the latter, the company offer phone system solutions from vendors such as Cisco, Avayaand Shortel. AT&T, United Treasury, United State Federal Courts and Crum & Forster are some of the eminent names belonging to the long clientele of VeeMost.

Targeting the Future

Growing in the VoIP space and in the area of data center services is the primary mission for VeeMost Technologies. The company is looking forward to partnering with bigger players in the IT sector to further extend their proficiency in the field of offering data center consulting services and other high-end technology consulting. We look to gain more market in the small business phone service industry as we know we can offer a huge cost savings in their phone bills.

Veemost Technologies

Red Bank, NJ

Melvin Ejiogu, CEO

VeeMost Technologies is a leading provider in Technology Services for enterprises, government entities and non-profit organizations.