Velaro: A Holistic Look at Customer Engagement

Mark Baumgardner, Head of Product
From the Mad-Men era of winning clients over dinners and cocktails to the present day of personalization, chatbots, and omnichannel journeys, the essentials for an effective customer experience (CX) have evolved over time. Today, customers expect a consistent experience across different channels. In order to effectively deliver an engaging experience, one of the biggest challenges for companies is unifying customer conversations across website chat, SMS, and social media direct messaging and keeping track of their engagement level. This has led to a high demand for advanced customer relationship platforms with built-in social media messaging tools powered by cognitive technologies like natural language understanding and intent recognition. These collective efforts aim to help companies draw insights from a customer’s buying patterns and accordingly improve the chances of building productive customer relationships.

As a company that has been navigating the CX domain long before the term was even coined, Velaro finds itself at the juncture of this evolving customer experience landscape, helping businesses increase customer lifetime value and proactively improve customer support and communications. Velaro has beenproviding no-code key business stack components for conversational sales and marketing to personalize experiences for a brand’s online prospects and customers.

“Our solutions are helping numerous businesses across industries provide purpose-fit engagement experiences to customers based on their unique needs and preferences,” says Mark Baumgardner, Head of Product at Velaro.

Velaro’s cutting-edge platform acts as a massive first-party data collecting machine, gathering data from interactions that happen across self-service, live chat, messaging, co-browsing, feedback, voice, and ticketing. The platform directly delivers collected data to the enterprise systems it is integrated with, to aid in nurturing and building leads. In addition to these capabilities, Velaro’s live chat software bundled with their platform incorporates an asynchronous messaging feature that gives the customer a free hand to start, pause, and resume a conversation. The platform is also integrated with direct messaging tools on social media channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which assist companies in tracking their customer’s purchase history to offer targeted discounts and gift vouchers and garner attention.
What’s more, Velaro has an in-built automation rule builder that underlies its workflow management system. It receives customer engagement data and allows for custom rules based on incoming information, user actions, and whichever tool they use on the platform to drive stronger customer engagement. At the same time, the platform is GDPR and PCI compliant and meets all advanced consumer data privacy regulations in the current market.

Our solutions are helping numerous businesses across industries provide purpose-fit engagement experiences to customers based on their unique needs and preferences

A success story that further corroborates the proficiency of Velaro’sfeatures includes a major sportswear manufacturer with extensive custom design services. This particular department needed to instruct their customers on different customization requests. With several call centers attending to customer requests in multiple languages and relaying the same throughout different fulfilment locations both inside and outside the United States. As a result, effective management of customer support options was becoming a cumbersome task until Velaro stepped into the picture.

Velaro automated their system with a live chat feature while customizing a chatbot built on cognitive AI that can answer natural language questions based on thousands of previous inquiries and responses fed through the system. By successfully integrating a number of complex back-office systems with their state-of-the-art platform, Velaro has effectively helped the client improve its engagement with customers.

Gearing up for the days ahead, Velaro is working on an In-tool Data Analytics product that can offer customer insights by leveraging machine learning through customer first party data. Fuelled by years of experience, Velaro is squarely positioned to continue helping companies drive customer satisfaction and loyalty of the highest order—with unfaltering agility and passion for innovation.


Los Angeles, California

Mark Baumgardner, Head of Product

Velaro is a customer engagement and data platform for enterprises and businesses wanting to increase customer lifetime value and get ahead with successful customer support and engagement strategies. The company provides no-code key business tech stack components for conversational sales and marketing automation