VeloCloud Networks: Streamlining Networks through SD-WAN

Sanjay Uppal, CEO
CIOs and IT leaders are contending with a changing enterprise landscape, which exhibits increasingly distributed operations, increasingly mobile workforce, and a computing paradigm where a myriad of applications are migrating to the cloud. However, contemporary networking infrastructure is still highly complex, expensive, and rigid, leading to high overhead, lack of visibility and poor application performance. The latter is even more critical and apparent in real time applications like Unified Communications and video, which can cause inefficiencies from a collaboration perspective. Mountain View, CA based VeloCloud Networks is addressing these challenges using a robust and resilient communication platform based on its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology. VeloCloud simplifies branch WAN networking by automating deployment and improving enterprise application performance over private, broadband internet, and LTE connections. “Our company uniquely brings together all the three elements needed for building true cloud-delivered SD-WAN,” delineates Sanjay Uppal, CEO, VeloCloud. These three elements include secure cloud network solutions for business grade connection to all applications, software defined control and automation, and virtual delivery of services that previously was susceptible to hardware sprawl and networking complexity.

VeloCloud’s SD-WAN solution is characterized by its simplicity, flexibility and security. The company’s solutions span across both on-premise and cloud services enabling enterprises to use their secure data plane and add virtual services on the fly in the branch WAN, and in the cloud. “Our solution is multi-tenant, both in the data and control planes, which enables service providers, operators, channel partners, and the enterprise to share cloud services as needed,” claims Sanjay.

VeloCloud’s Edges, Gateways, and Orchestrators are the backbone of the company’s solution architecture where the cloud is the network. VeloCloud Edge is a secure, thin device for Zero-IT-Touch branch deployment.
It is designed for today’s distributed workforce and branch offices that do not have the advantage of local IT support, but still need a secure and instant setup in their vicinity. The cloud service gateways of VeloCloud’s network are deployed at top tier cloud datacenters around the world providing scalability, redundancy, security and on-demand flexibility. The gateways provide the advantage of cloud delivered services and optimized paths to all apps, branches and data centres. VeloCloud Orchestrator provides centralized enterprise wide configuration and real time monitoring in addition to orchestrating the data flow through the cloud network and providing one-click provisioning of virtual services.Various organizations have acknowledged the expertise of VeloCloud’s solutions as it has helped them to streamline their networking architecture from top to bottom.

In an implementation highlight, Redmond Inc in the retail industry was looking for a solution to eliminate their reliance on MPLS by using Internet links to deliver quality VOIP service from all locations back to their headquarters in Utah. Using the VeloCloud solution, Redmond was able to deploy VOIP over DSL, Cable, Fiber, and 4G-LTE to deliver enterprise grade performance with capacity better than their existing MPLS network. Their IT staff successfully reduced their branch migration time from the typical two to three weeks to just 30 minutes.

The proficiency that VeloCloud has garnered since its founding is a result of their determination to discover the core challenges of enterprise networking and catering to them with innovative solutions. VeloCloud encourages its employees to learn fast, work in collaboration and enable a free flow of information between sales, marketing and engineering departments to maintain innovativeness and maximize customer satisfaction.

After soldering their roots firmly in SD-WAN sector, VeloCloud has a futuristic view anticipating the advent of mobile SD-WAN and the burgeoning Internet of Things. “We will be ready to simplify the connectivity and reliability between billions of everyday devices that will form the Internet of Things,” concludes Sanjay.

VeloCloud Networks

Mountain View, CA

Sanjay Uppal, CEO

VeloCloud is a fast, simple, and secure WAN which delivers virtualized services from the cloud to branch offices and mobile users everywhere