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Chris Dennison, Chairman
The automotive industry has seen a huge change in recent years in terms of evolution. There are many heating challenges coming up from both political and geographical factors. The capability of low-cost competitors and the release of many premium products suppressed the performance of middle scale automotive industries. With these things happening, it forces the middle market industries to urge a change in the overall business strategies. To alter business strategies, the supply chain has to be aligned perfectly with the overall goals of the business, ranging from providing the requirements to implementing the technology.

Vendigital is a leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) company established in the year 2000 by Roy Williams and Dominic Jephcott. The company delivers high-end supply chain solutions necessary for the automotive industry. By choosing the right equipment manufacturers, the company has already won many challenges faced across the global automotive industry. The main reason for this achievement is the well-trained engineers and operational specialists who have strong knowledge in domains like supply chain and cost engineering. They firmly believed that their experience in transformational supply chain management development can be a great way to address the challenges faced in the automotive industry.

Keeping in mind the revenue and profit of each company, Vendigital designed effective supply chain solutions for all the automotive industries in a much-customized way and low costs. The company uses technologies like spend analytics, supply chain performance, and risk intelligence to blend, analyze and prevent the risks of an organization. Especially, for the automotive industry where there is a huge domination of technology, there are many risk factors like regulation, consumer demand, the supply chain solution like Vendigital incorporated with risk intelligence can come handy.
Besides the automotive industry, the company is also a pioneer in providing consultancy and supply chain management to various sectors like Aerospace, Defense & Security, Transportation, Industrial and Retail companies.

Foreseeing the future of SCM in transportation, Vendigital has appointed a new transport expert to its UK team

It doesn’t matter whether it is a tier 1 or tier 2 industries; the company focuses on delivering necessary outcomes irrespective of the size and revenue generated. Vendigital always aims to provide low cost, result-oriented supply chain solutions that are optimized and strategically sound to be executed. The main mission of the company is to provide the clients with the best resources to achieve their outcomes.

Foreseeing the future of SCM in transportation, Vendigital has appointed a new transport expert to its UK team. Terence Watson arrives from Alstom, where he spent the last 25 years of his career. This is a very good sign of development for the company must say. Transportation is one of the key logistics functions of SCM has the involvement of lots of people and technologies in it. To get the right requirements to the right people at the right time, an efficient SCM system is under the guidance of the leaders like Alstom in Vendigital is keen at this point.

With the better people joining the company, Vendigital is planning to expand their business horizons to more global markets .They already have a very good network in major continents like Europe, North America and Asia. The company also has long-lasting relationships with the largest blue-chip organizations.


London, England

Chris Dennison, Chairman

Vendigital is a Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Consultancy Services provider established in the year 2000. The company provides SCM solutions to various sectors like Aerospace, Defense & Security, Transportation, Industrial, Automotive and Retail Companies. It has been recognized as the best Automotive Supply Chain solution provider for many blue-chip organizations globally.The company uses three major technologies analytics, supply chain performance, and risk intelligence to provide tailored supply chain solutions to automotive industry. Vendigital is a 17 year old company enriched with necessary values and efforts