Venetia Partners: Optimizing Financial and Operating Outcomes

Lou Pahountis, Senior Partner
Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry where each passing year unfurls a host of new challenges and opportunities for the manufacturers. However, improving financial and operational performance are the challenges that have remained timeless. Manufacturing companies have been challenged to transform for the better because of the organizations’ limited ability to connect-the-dots between the cash, time and operational actions. Despite continued investment in IT solutions and consulting services to optimize their processes and drive operational efficiencies, the lack of the proverbial “silver bullet” technology and hands-on operations consulting partner bears a negative impact on value from these investments, and eventually on business outcomes. Enter Venetia Partners, a company with former successful business operators focused on driving performance improvement and favorable business outcomes for the manufacturers. Bringing a new theme of integrated business outcomes (IBO), Venetia Partners uniquely brings together financial, people, strategy, culture and business practices help companies strengthen their supply chains and operate in a sustained manner.

“IBO is the heart of the Venetia Partners’ approach for improving business process efficiency and outcomes,” says Lou Pahountis, Senior Partner, Venetia Partners. The theme is governed by five pillars which are comprehensive methodologies carried out during every client engagement. The engagement process begins with the thorough understanding of a client’s business operations and supply chain network landscape. The next step is the examination of the operations architecture that provides a thorough analysis of an enterprise’s operating practices and end-to-end cadence and procedures. Review of the organizational structure and make-up from the management perspective is the next pillar designed to understand the people’s roles across the enterprise end-to-end. This includes analyzing the decision-making approach pertaining to periodic business reviews. The last pillar is the scrutiny of the existing technology applications and data that are supporting the operations of the enterprise. Venetia Partners believe that giving each of these five pillars equal attentions is critical to delivering optimized outcomes for any business.
Going beyond the IBO operating approach and methodology, Venetia Partners has built operating Playbooks that prescribe all elements of each of the five pillars for specific industries, and in particular for asset-intensive industries such as metals and chemicals. The company’s rich experience allows it to prescribe its’ clients ways to better run their day-to-day businesses, benchmark against leading practices, all while guiding them to delivering the required organizational changes for sustained performance improvement. For instance, Venetia Partners has been able to turn the corners for a giant metals company which was aiming to improve their bottom-line by 50 million dollars. After examining their forecast, order book and production plans, along with pricing and time-based profit analytics, Venetia Partners was able to operationalize their Integrated Business Execution process to systematically deliver the results. Leveraging the IBO approach and Playbook, the company redesigned the necessary areas of the client’s organization, operating practice, management and execution, including shop floor priorities. This process reshaped their product demand and delivery, helping them to deliver the expected bottom-line successfully.

IBO is the heart of the Venetia Partners’ approach for improving business process efficiency and outcomes

Venetia Partners brings to bear its expertise in end-to-end supply chain, analytics tools and SAP to improve a manufacturer’s operational performance and business outcomes. Today, Venetia Partners operates three business divisions centered on Business Performance Improvement, SAP-enabled business optimization, and Advanced Analytics. These three segments add to the uniqueness of the company’s value proposition and have allowed them to grow rapidly during each year of its eight year existence.

“Although we leverage specific technologies, we are technology-agnostic, placing strong emphasis on IBO operating philosophy while delivering solutions,” states Pahountis. “Our IBO strategy, analytics expertise, and enterprise integration know-how will continue to fuel our growth well in to future.”

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Lou Pahountis, Senior Partner

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