Ventiv Technology: Uncovering Risks to Discover New Opportunities

CIO VendorKathy Burns, CEO
Uncovering Risks to Discover New Opportunities
Life in the fast lane is difficult for many, but not for Kathy Burns. From setting the field ablaze as an athlete, to occupying high pressure roles in leading companies, Burns has always lived at a fast pace. Taking the same tenacity and fast-paced approach forward, Burns is transforming Ventiv Technology from being a small unit of Aon PLC to a global provider of risk management, claims and safety solutions for businesses and public entities. Burns credits a major part of her success to her stint as an athlete, where she learned the importance of teamwork. “Success can be achieved only when every member of the team is contributing at the peak of their abilities,” affirms Burns, CEO, Ventiv Technology. This understanding has not only helped her run Ventiv more efficiently, but also assisted her in building a culture where people are challenging each other and at the same time trusting each other to reach a common goal of helping members of the risk, insurance, and safety industry.

Looking Beyond Features and Functionalities
When clients partner with Ventiv, they get more than a risk, insurance, and safety technology vendor—they benefit from the company’s proven record of enabling more than 550 clients to succeed. “From the client’s first contact with Ventiv, we focus on illuminating all facets of their technology deployment,” claims Burns. “For example, we help risk managers address key risk management challenges by identifying the root causes of claims and incidents, and developing efficient loss-prevention programs,” she explains. The key power of Ventiv lies in transforming raw data into actionable business intelligence. With this, the clients enjoy unsurpassed clarity and efficiency in their decision-making process. Notes Burns, “We show our clients that there are better way of doing things and we help them become more efficient, transparent and have better capabilities,” she explains. The company also helps clients track key performance indicators— down to the level of location and unit—and provide better managing exposures by measuring and optimizing total cost of risk. “And with our unsurpassed reporting and analysis capabilities, we help clients put their newfound vision into action,” claims Burns.

Ventiv has invested more than any other company in the industry to ensure that the entire life cycle of the data within different structures is wholly secure. These investments have helped Ventiv develop a platform where data and information converge from across the different stakeholders; and from where clients can track data at any point in the life cycle. “Along with providing the widest range of tools and capabilities, we also ensure that once the data enters into our cloud infrastructure, it remains secure and auditable,” reveals Burns. From generating immediate cost savings to developing a comprehensive best-practices strategy, the company’s focus goes way beyond system features and functionalities.

In addition, the company provides solutions over a fully owned, staffed and managed cloud-computing infrastructure, serving only the risk, insurance and safety management community. This offers a level of security, transparence and accountability that is unparalleled in the industry. Ventiv also earned thirdparty HIPAA accreditation; and in fact, it is the only company to get this certification in the space.

Conquering New Heights
RiskConsole—Ventiv’s flagship product—is a powerful reporting and analytics tool that provides relevant information for decision support and creates actionable business intelligence.
The solution enables any user to quickly run dynamic, interactive reports including graphs, drill-down and drill-through capability. Any data element captured within RiskConsole is available for reporting, which gives organizations the ability to r u n reports using standard templates, custom reports, ad-hoc tools and queries. When integrated with a data-visualization model provided by the firm, the solution helps risk and insurance managers communicate information clearly and effectively.

From the client’s first contact with Ventiv, we focus on illuminating all facets of their technology deployment

“RiskConsole helps clients make the most of the information assets at their disposal,” notes Burns. An award-winning product introduced in 2014, Ventiv’s Combined Corporate & Captive Risk Management Solution, is a good example of how Ventiv applies its industry expertise to its products. The solution covers everything from sophisticated premium allocations (including re-insurance splits) to managing commissions and recoveries from commercial re-insurers. The solutions also monitor limits, aggregates and stop-loss programs. All this is done from both the corporate and the captive market perspective, including gross and net positions. For a detailed understanding of RiskConsole’s prowess, consider the case involving Tesco—one of the largest retailers in the world. Serving millions of customers every week and employing over 300,000 staff members, the potential for accidents were very high. Hence Tesco was looking for ways to use their risk and insurance data to quickly identify the root cause of accidents, target loss prevention initiatives and make more precise risk-financing decisions. “We looked at several risk management systems and decided on Ventiv’s RiskConsole.

This was because of the stability and work-man-like nature of the system,” says Neil Almond, Systems and Data Manager in the Insurance Risk Team at Tesco PLC. The data and reporting capabilities from RiskConsole enabled the client to analyze all the elements of the claims lifecycle. “RiskConsole quickly showed us whether our initiatives have a positive effect or not,” said Almond. This engagement with Ventiv significantly reduced the number of accidents the customers were having within the retail operation, which was previously the biggest driver for claims within Tesco.

Unlocking Innovation
Ventiv’s core values are decidedly client-centered. “We’ve become the company we are today by challenging our clients to reach new heights and accepting that challenge from our clients,” notes Burns. “By listening to our clients—through client conferences, roundtables, account management portals and surveys—and working with them as a partner, we are trying to develop the best solutions that work seamlessly with their business. Going forward, Ventiv’s biggest goal is to be the broadest and most integrated platform serving the risk and insurance market.

The company is focused on expanding the solutions, developing deeper relationships and increasing their global footprint. “We will continue to make significant investments around the world to be global leader in risk, claims and safety space,” affirms Burns.

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