Veracity Solutions: Enhanced Healthcare through Holistic Consultation

Marva Sadler, President & CEO
Quality software solutions play a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem for increasing patient care efficiency and improving patient outcomes. Leveraging deep understanding of healthcare’s unique requirements, Veracity Solutions—a technology strategy consulting firm—offers best-of-breed software development solutions and best practices coupled with unparalleled mentoring to improve product quality, accelerate development cycles, and meet critical deadlines. Melding deep expertise around Product Management, Agile, Architecture, and DevOps with a profound understanding of organizational issues and process management, the firm provides best-in-class healthcare technology consultation and product development strategies. “We help companies with not just their technology decisions but also their structure, processes, and strategies to unleash the full potential of their organization,” states Marva Sadler, president and CEO of Veracity Solutions.

Healthcare software development teams are often impeded by release delays, missed expectations, and cost overruns. Veracity efficiently addresses these major challenges by adopting a holistic approach, analysing product and technical decisions, systems and processes. The Veracity team initiates an assessment phase through conversations with clients, consultatively reviewing the firm’s systems data, end user feedback, and team dynamics. On completion of the evaluation, the Veracity team offers recommendations to identify and eliminate the root causes of the client’s pain points.

Aiming to transform software development organizations into high-performance teams, the firm has adopted a unique approach—Blendsourcing—to elevate team skills, accelerate development cycles, and improve delivery results. Seamlessly integrating with the client team, Veracity augments the client’s strengths with their specific expertise. Instead of completely outsourcing or insourcing project development, clients can leverage the best of both to create a cohesive, highly functional Blendsourced team that accomplishes key objectives, while simultaneously developing the client team’s core skills. This allows for extremely transparent client-provider communication where the client has complete knowledge of the processes involved in the project and the subsequent roadmap and timelines for project completion and team transition.

We help companies with not just their technology decisions but also their structure, processes, and strategies to unleash the full potential of their organization

“Our expertise lies in healthcare systems, (EHR, pharmacy, population health, hospital systems, and mobile health). One third of physicians in the US, two-thirds of hospitals, and 13,000 pharmacies use software that Veracity helped clients create,” extols Sadler.

Through their unique management and mentoring approach, Veracity helps companies develop and roll out better products in less time. Sharing an anecdote, Sadler cites an instance of a client that invested four years and hundreds of millions in a new service, but failed to onboard even a single new client during that period. Veracity assisted the client in identifying significant gaps in their product strategy, finding and prioritizing the most important product features and benefits. Moreover, recognizing the inadequacy of the systems architecture, Veracity aided the client in developing considerably stronger systems and a robust underlying platform. With Veracity’s help, the company also underwent an agile transformation, including adopting Scaled Agile Framework. The result was four significant new partners successfully on boarded over 18 months.

Anticipating strong healthcare growth, Veracity will continue to concentrate on helping healthcare software and technology enabled companies to become more successful. The firm focuses on companies facing realignment, turnaround, or accelerated growth efforts, including M&A due diligence and integration, helping clients create significantly better technical solutions and more effective teams, which in turn leads to greater company success. “Our emphasis is on providing technical expertise for organizations working to become more sophisticated about delivering value for their users through technology,” concludes Sadler.

Veracity Solutions

Midvale, UT

Marva Sadler, President & CEO

Veracity offers best-in-class technology consultation services and product development strategies predominantly for the healthcare sector

Veracity Solutions