Verascape: Unleashing AI-Powered Customer Experience

Mike Browning, VP, Sales & Marketing
The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer support services has come a long way right from identifying the customer to predicting the purpose of contact. Mike Browning, VP, Sales and Marketing, Verascape elucidates AI with an interesting analogy, “When two people meet for the first time, they introduce themselves to get to know each other. The second time around, both of them know a little bit more about each other, and this does not call for a reintroduction. Every single meeting makes them gain better knowledge about each other, and this is the same with the role of AI in Verascape’s automation.” While businesses across the globe are striving to fulfill their customer demands for self-service options, Schaumburg, IL-based Verascape is building a new era in the customer services landscape with a cloud-based fully automated platform that gives a comprehensive view of the caller’s information and prediction about the caller’s purpose of contacting the support center. Verascape’s technology platform combines AI and real-time data integration that enables companies to quickly draw inferences and effectively service their customers.

The company takes a practical approach in empowering organizations to provide seamless support by delivering hosted self-service solutions across all communication channels and combining state-of-the-art automation technologies with real-time data integration. The result is reliable, on-demand customer support at a fraction of the cost of live agents.

The platform utilizes existing customer data and external data sources to better understand the caller even before the representative attends to the call in the customer support center. The caller’s information is recorded during every call transaction and maintained for further analysis and prediction.

Verascape marks its unique presence in the industry as an avant-garde customer engagement system integrator that can collect data from the customer’s legacy system and integrate with its platform. “Our expertise in collecting the right data from any legacy system forms the core of our services,” states Browning. Designed with a single engine, the Verascape platform offers a consolidated database and view of the end user across the entire customer engagement system regardless of the customer’s contact channel.

Our expertise in collecting the right data from any legacy system forms the core of our services”

Verascape ensures that the same information about the customer is visible across various channels, as well as all the customer requests are hitting the same system regardless of the channel of contact. Moreover, surpassing the widely used simple voice mail delivery services, Verascape engages customers in timely, high-quality interactions that can resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Verascape’s deployment methodology comprises three main components. Firstly, the company understands the telephony and web infrastructure of the client company. The second part of the process identifies the challenges of collecting data from the customer’s existing system. “The final process involves analyzing the customer’s service protocols and aligning our solution with the client’s existing customer service system,” says Browning.

Over the years, Verascape has assisted a wide array of organizations including omnichannel marketers, financial service companies, transportation companies, and government entities to leverage the potential of AI in customer service. In all cases, “Our customers saw an increase in brand value just by answering their client’s questions on-demand 24/7/365, and without keeping the customer in the most frustrating call-on-hold process,” affirms Browning.

With the customer service industry continuing to evolve by incorporating all customer touch points, Verascape’s focus, in the long run, is to harness the potential of AI to gain a deeper knowledge of customer behavior. This in-depth insight can be used to seamlessly assist the customer in predicting their future requirements.


Schaumburg, IL

Mike Browning, VP, Sales & Marketing

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