Veratics - ALM: Cyber Strategy Meets Agile Execution

Tony Galluscio, President
Tony Galluscio, the President of Veratics, reflects on his career spanning three decades building and managing “Software Factories” and “Centers of Excellence”. “Software Factories and Centers of Excellence are ways to bake quality and continuous improvement into the Software Development Lifecycle,” informs Galluscio. Going beyond these components, to tackle today’s critical need to minimize security vulnerabilities, "We offer our Cyber Project Operations Center™ (CPOC), a broader concept that provides modern cyber-aware programming services and information assurance to design, build, and implement the latest application technologies to seamlessly exchange data and information securely across cyberspace,” he says.

With the growing concern of cyber threats around, Veratics applies the right people, tools, and process to detect and eliminate cyber threats, and overcome the hurdles CIOs face regarding the shortage of qualified cyber professionals. According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, 80 percent of respondents say that cyber threats have a least doubled over just the last year. Operating through its CPOC, Veratics puts cyber awareness in the forefront of everything it offers across the application lifecycle—from identification of a need to operations and maintenance.

“Cyber awareness means intentionally caring about the vast, instantaneous reach of information via technology and the associated inherent dangers,” says Galluscio. Veratics has qualified Agile teams with cyber skills ready to engage with clients to rapidly conduct assessments, reveal cyber threats, and overcome vulnerabilities. Further, Veratics has fully-formed Agile software development teams that build software keeping cyber security considerations and requirements always clearly in view. “As Agile experts, we apply project management rigor to achieve high quality as a basis for cyber secure applications,” adds Galluscio. Veratics follows Agile methodologies rooted in CMMI-compliant process discipline for transparency, scalability, and customer engagement at all phases of the application lifecycle.

Galluscio, a United States Marine Corps Gulf War Veteran, leads this Service- Disabled Veteran-Owned company, built by loyal United States military veterans.

Our services deliver cyber-secure software solutions, close information gaps, develop a common operating picture, and provide for rapid response

As a service-disabled veteran owned company, Veratics is owned and staffed by veterans and veteran supporters who are committed to helping veterans successfully transform from outstanding soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to highly-functioning professionals in civilian life. From that perspective, it is fitting that the VA was, among the company’s first customers. Over the years Veratics personnel have gained significant expertise integrating with the VA’s electronic health record, VistA. “As VistA integration experts specializing in Security, Privacy, Identity Management, and Audit, we are trusted to help protect our nations’ Veterans health information from cybercrime. We have experienced teams with VA clearances ready to provide safe, secure, and private VistA integration solutions,” says Galluscio.

In summary, Veratics is a mature company with significant Agile and cyber experience. Veratics applies Agile expertise gained by executing across the spectrum from commercial to government contracts to enhance Veratics’ ability to deliver cyber services and cyber secure software solutions. Veratics brings a wealth of experience from executing government and commercial projects, including leading Agile enterprise adoption for one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the US. “Our services deliver cyber-secure software solutions, close information gaps, develop a common operating picture, prioritize remediation measures, and provide for rapid response,” says Galluscio. Moreover, Veratics is investing heavily in bringing Veratics Cyber Services to market as increasing cybercrime poses a real and persistent threat to business enterprises and government institutions. “By the end of 2017, Veratics’ Cyber Project Operations Center will be 60 percent dedicated to cyber threat detection and remediation, up from 20 percent now,” ends Galluscio.


Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Tony Galluscio, President

Focuses on agile software development with emphasis on cyber security with experience in government, IT healthcare and commercial IT