Verint: Actionable Intelligence Solutions for Advanced Cyber Attacks

Hudi Zack, Senior VP, Head of Cyber Business Unit
Whether carried out by nation-states or criminal groups, today's advanced persistent threats (APTs) are more sophisticated, stealthy, and dangerous than ever. These cyber attacks target nations as well as individual organizations, and are expressly designed to evade traditional security solutions.

To protect themselves from these advanced cyber attacks, organizations need equally advanced threat detection mechanisms that provide them with end-to-end visibility into potential threats across their network and endpoints.

Verint, a NY based company, addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive and actionable cyber platform that pinpoints, analyzes, and neutralizes advanced cyber attacks that threaten sensitive data and systems. This solution enables the Security Operations Center (SOC) team to understand the context and sequence of the attacks and take immediate actions. “Our multi-dimensional cyber intelligence engines address all phases of an attack, while unified analytics, forensics, and automated investigation capabilities enhance operational efficiency and increase security,” says Hudi Zack, Senior VP, Head of the Verint Cyber Business Unit. Verint’s mechanisms centrally analyze intelligence gathered from multiple detection engines across the network and endpoints. Working together, in an orchestrated manner, they can deduce patterns and glean insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. They then create Actionable Intelligence® that organizations can use to quickly remediate the attack and prevent similar attacks in the future.

Verint’s approach is to pass all data through a set of specialized detection engines that are designed to discover malicious files from various sources, movement of malware within the network, command and control communications, as well as preliminary signs of data theft. Additionally, Verint provides a highly-comprehensive semi-automated investigation environment, ensuring a more structured workflow so organizations can complete investigations more quickly and effectively.

Verint's open platform integrates all the required security components—from collection and detection to investigation and remediation.
“The platform creates a complete intelligence picture of potential cyber attacks,” says Zack. Since Verint’s entire architecture is centrally managed, the company can provide ongoing threat intelligence from its research team on a regular basis. Verint has great traction in the cyber security domain, offering a full range of customized services that complement its own and third party solutions. “We have over 20 years’ experience building intelligence systems and applications for both the commercial and defense industries. Our intelligence systems create actionable insights in real time from very complex scenarios,” adds Zack.

Over the last decade, Verint has invested more than one billion dollars in R&D. In the Cyber domain, it operates cyber research labs in Israel and Taiwan. Additionally, the company has over 150 engineers dedicated to the development of unique engines and algorithms for identifying and exposing new and emerging types of cyber attacks.

Over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 use Verint Actionable Intelligence solutions. We have applied these same leading technologies to the cyber security domain, enabling organizations to generate actionable insights that help defend their sensitive assets from advanced cyber attacks

When it comes to cyber security, Verint’s operational value is to provide an organization's SOC team with the ability to effectively respond to advanced attacks and minimize the damage. “Verint is the global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions. Our Cyber Security solutions harness our excellence in big data collection, analysis and investigation to transform the way governments and large organizations protect their vital assets from highly sophisticated and unpredictable cyber attacks,” concludes Zack.


Melville, NY

Hudi Zack, Senior VP, Head of Cyber Business Unit

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