Verisae: M2M Communication Increases Overall Operational Efficiency

Jerry Dolinsky, CEO
Companies across verticals are challenged to increase operational efficiencies and surpass market competition by adopting emerging trends such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). An integral part of the IoT is M2M (Machine-To-Machine) communication, which is quintessential in gathering data to help organizations gain deep business insight. Companies face challenges when incorporating an IoT strategy but fortunately there are technologies that help organizations overcome these hurdles.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Verisae is a leading provider of SaaS solutions catering to the facility management and workforce management needs of companies across sectors such as utilities, telecommunication, retail, and service management. The company leverages M2M by maximizing the value of existing systems and identifying opportunities for automation and improvements over time. By connecting the maintenance and service network globally, Verisae enables its clients to reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

Verisae’s cloud-based solutions are simple, integrated, mobile, and operate on an open API technology platform. The company’s software addresses an organization’s needs across five key areas: managing asset and equipment maintenance, energy usage, automated remote alarm monitoring, mobile workforces, and environmental sustainability. These solutions work in synergy to track, collect, and analyze data. For example, data from the alarm monitoring solution is communicated with the mobile workforce management solution, alerting the service team of a predicted—or current—machine failure. Jerry Dolinsky, CEO of Verisae explains, “Monitoring assets remotely has resulted in changing the service supply chain into a predictive and prescriptive model from a break-fix one.” This optimizes the workforce and ensures businesses are constantly up and running, and managing their assets, establishing what Dolinsky calls ‘always-on’ companies.

“Our key differentiator is our ability to combine a deep understanding of remotely monitored assets with the ability to optimize the needed response,” explains Dolinsky. The optimization engine minimizes the cost and time required for a variety of key performance indicators including first time fix and workforce utilization.

Verisae helps a number of clients make Big Data small to maximize capital spend, project return on investment, and significantly improve operational efficiencies. Verisae employs a broad range of telemetry data to filter rules which can predict problems, identify the root cause, and align them with the proper resolution.
This process allows work orders to describe exactly what skills and tools are needed from a technician and how soon a critical failure will occur.

Verisae’s well-known clientele includes large brand names from the service and retail industries and currently manages more than 370,000 sites across North America, Europe and Asia. Sainsbury’s, a retail chain operating more than 1,600 locations pan-UK has been Verisae’s client since 2009 when it began utilizing Verisae’s Asset Management solution. Dolinsky explains, “After partnering with Verisae, in less than two years Sainsbury’s benefitted from a 50 percent reduction in stock loss due to the repair and prevention of poorly performing refrigeration units. Additional benefits included ongoing cost savings, reduced energy usage and improved customer satisfaction.” Verisae recently sponsored the British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM) Awards—the most prestigious night of the year for facility management professionals. Due to its partnership with Arcus FM, Verisae’s predictive maintenance solution was selected as a 2014 finalist in the “Innovation in the use of Technology and Systems” category.

Our key differential factor is our ability to combine a deep understanding of remotely monitored assets with the ability to optimize the needed response, explains Dolinsky. Verisae helps a number of clients make Big Data small to maximize capital spend, project return on investment, and use (M2M) monitoring to significantly improve operational efficiencies

Verisae has ambitious technology expansion plans and is constantly building new functionalities for its existing platform. “We are going to handle all the technology that supports the service and facilities management teams in the coming years,” explains Dolinsky. In terms of geographical expansion, the company expects to expand its presence in the regions of Central Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Minneapolis, MN

Jerry Dolinsky, CEO

Providing SaaS solutions that connect the maintenance and service network globally to manage asset and equipment maintenance, energy usage, and mobile workforces.