Veristor: Innovative IT Solutions for the Forward-Looking Enterprise

Ashby Lincoln, President & CEO
Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been—famous quote by Wayne Gretsky and also the words the team at VeriStor has lived by. In today’s highly competitive environment, the success mantra of a business is not only about embracing the latest technology trend, but carefully matching technology to business requirements. “The success of an organization not only depends on balancing between existing business and revenue, but hinges on investing for the future to sustain value over time,” comments Ashby Lincoln, President and CEO of VeriStor. Today’s IT challenges to balance capability and cost, reliability and performance are compounded with new initiatives for increased virtualization, migrations to the cloud, and growing requirements for security and compliance. As a result, enterprises need unbiased, expert guidance to find the new and creative solutions to solve their IT challenges.

At the center of this IT transformation is VeriStor, a company that acts as the “Chief Information Partner” for the forward-thinking enterprise. VeriStor leads the industry with the visionary solutions that fuel business productivity. From enterprise data storage and virtual infrastructure, to security and public, private and hybrid cloud services, VeriStor delivers the IT infrastructure that will accelerate business growth. “We are an advisory partner to our customers and help them stay ahead of the technology curve by leveraging our expertise and extensive partner network,” says Steve Bishop, CTO, VeriStor.

With an industry presence of more than a decade, VeriStor is a full-service solution partner and managed service provider. Its expertise spans multiple practice areas including converged infrastructure, server and desktop virtualization, orchestration and automation, data protection, business continuity, and security.The company also assists clients as they migrate into hybrid and public cloud services as well as DevOps software development and operations methodology. “We manage change and educate customers, to help them continue to be successful as they move into the future,” states Lincoln.

We are an advisory partner to our customers and help them stay ahead of the technology curve by leveraging our expertise and extensive partner network

As a HP Platinum Partner, VeriStor offers the complete range of HP’s technology solutions, including storage, servers, networking, and software. “We have a strong relationship with HP, and believe that their portfolio supports the industry’s latest technology demands–from converged and hyper-converged systems, SDN, and virtualized storage to hybrid cloud infrastructure and the integration of advanced DevOps deployments,” adds Bishop.

VeriStor is one of the top HP/3PAR VARs in North America that can architect a complete HP/3PAR turnkey virtualized stack, perform the installation, provide alternative financing options, and support the entire solution with its robust First Call Support offering.

The company also believes in investing deeply in lab resources, and the expert talent to support its customers for an efficient business process. “Compared to other resellers and providers we have made a much higher investment in terms of our ratio of architects to sales people, and a better overall quality in terms of our pre-sales resources,” states Lincoln.

Being a highly valued IT solution provider, VeriStor firmly believes that the majority of enterprise class customers will be adopting a hybrid cloud model for the future. “We will also see increased adoption of DevOps methodologies. Our primary objective is to manage that change for our customers so that they can best leverage IT as a valued business resource that will continue to evolve with their organization over time,” concludes Lincoln.


Atlanta, GA

Ashby Lincoln, President & CEO and Steve Bishop, CTO, Jim Glueckert, COO

Provides customized, performance-enhancing virtual infrastructure and enterprise storage solutions and services to enterprise and mid-market companies