Veritas: New-Age Information Management

Bill Coleman, CEO
With the proliferation of cloud applications, the number of organizations relying on cloud as a backup destination is drastically increasing and is expected to double by 2018. As Google expands its cloud solutions, promising secure, global, and high-performance cloud infrastructure, enterprises are being forced to rethink their cloud strategies. In this light, Veritas is providing information management solutions and services in the Google Cloud Platform, simplifying data migration through automating and optimizing storage lifecycle policies. “We are the company that empowers enterprises to use their information in a way that benefits their business day-to-day and minute-to-minute,” says Bill Coleman, CEO, Veritas. The company works with organizations of all sizes including a majority of the Fortune 500 companies—an indicator of expertise of Veritas.

The firm’s partnership with Google supports an organization’s digital transformation end-to-end, while assisting them in using Google Cloud Storage as an efficient and secure backup destination. This is complemented with additional benefits like archive data for eDiscovery and compliance, and disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform. Right from offering lower storage costs to modernized data protection, Veritas helps enterprises utilize the full range of cloud advantages and operational benefits. The company combines protection, availability, and insight to empower businesses with global visibility and control along with end-to-end service continuity.

Further, Veritas’ 360 Data Management for the Google Cloud Platform, a key data management solution, helps organizations gain deeper insights into their data and optimize hybrid-cloud environments. The software-based, vendor-agnostic solution delivers improved management and governance capabilities that mitigate risks, and reduce the environmental impact of storing digital data—with “green” practices that eliminate wastes. In addition, it also improves data lifecycle management using storage tiering to Google Cloud Storage with NetBackup—a robust backup solution from Veritas. NetBackup is supported by integrated connectors that improve manageability by seamlessly moving backup data to Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Coldline—a leading edge technology offered by Google.

We are the company that empowers enterprises to use their information in a way that benefits their business day-to-day and minute-to-minute

The success story of ING, a global financial institution, in achieving data security and backing-up their IT infrastructure is a testimony to Veritas’ expertise and outstanding capabilities in leveraging Google technology for advanced data management in the cloud. ING contracted Veritas Partner, Fujitsu, to manage their 52,000-user employee desktop infrastructure, in addition to protecting their Microsoft Exchange environment which processes millions of emails every day. To cater to this need, Fujitsu implemented Veritas Enterprise Vault for archiving vast amounts of email data while protecting them from any adverse events by leveraging Veritas’ NetBackup. The rapid deployment of solution enabled on-boarding ING’s workspace management.

In addition to joint sales and support operations, Veritas and Google are collaboratively working toward developing cutting-edge data management solutions. This will help enterprises extract business value from their data.

Moving ahead, Veritas has recently announced new solutions with Google Cloud Platform, including archiving and eDiscovery support for Google’s G Suite enterprise offering. “Our work with Google Cloud really comes down to what every customer wants—innovation and choice,” states Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Veritas. With the expanded partnership, customers will also be able to “test drive” products across multiple clouds using Google’s Orbitera Cloud Commerce platform down the road.


Mountain View, CA

Bill Coleman, CEO

Leverages Google Cloud Platform to empower enterprises harness data and information.