Verizon Digital Media Services: OTT Made Simple and Affordable

Jason Friedlander, Director, Marketing Communications
As cord-cutting is slowly— but steadily—paving the path for video streaming to become the norm, “there is a demand for instantaneous, personalized, and secure content delivery mechanisms across multifarious devices.” Jason Friedlander, director, marketing communications, Verizon Digital Media Services explains that today’s broadcasters are looking for solutions to meet the increasing over-the-top (OTT) video consumption trend.

Verizon Digital Media Services has been instrumental in fulfilling modern day user expectations for several online media companies, with its faster, reliable, and secure solution for content delivery needs. For media and entertainment companies, Verizon Digital Media Services reduces the traditional Capex and complexity that surround launching or managing digital businesses and streaming video products.

Friedlander says that the best part of Verizon Digital Media Services is the fact that it enables customers to get up and running without platform fees, because of its SaaS business model. Essentially a fusion of three highly-functional modules—the Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN), the Uplynk Video Streaming service and the Volicon Media Intelligence service— the next generation platform helps prepare, deliver, and display content for the highest quality end-user experience. “Our platform streamlines the process of encoding and delivering video, plus accelerates websites and content for broadcasters, retailers, and enterprise customers,” elucidates Friedlander.

First off, the Uplynk Video Streaming service empowers clients to take advantage of the cloud and big data to make a video service that is smart and reliable; everything from encoding to ad-insertion and dynamic manifests to data collection happens in the cloud. The Edgecast CDN, on the other hand ensures optimized delivery of video streaming for mobile devices with faster page load times and the highest quality video delivery. The CDN also envelopes analytics and reporting for 360-degree visibility into content performance and user experience.

The third pillar of the platform—the Volicon Media Intelligence service— empowers clients with broadcast quality and compliance monitoring.

We believe that success comes when the vendor-customer relationship represents us, the vendor, as another team member

For an easy, one-click solution that allows Verizon Digital Media Services’ customers to set up their broadcast content in the cloud and get ready for OTT delivery, the Uplynk Video Streaming service is integrated with the availability of the Uplynk Slicer on existing Volicon hardware. Through this service, broadcasters can rest assured that regulations are met and monitor the output of their OTT efforts, like ensuring dynamic ads are accurately played, based on specific geographic locations. “We have on-boarded customers in a matter of days and get them streaming large-scale live events in no time,” shares Friedlander.

Verizon Digital Media Services works as an integral part of the client’s team to support their digital media and engineering efforts. “We believe that success comes when the vendor-client relationship represents us, the vendor, as another team member, not simply another vendor,” delineates Friedlander. Adding to the company’s credence is its customer service and 24/7 support that comes with no additional costs. A testament to the company’s simple, yet enterprise-grade OTT services is evident by the sheer number of major broadcasters that use Verizon Digital Media Services to power their OTT efforts. With Verizon Digital Media Services, these broadcasters are able to support a mass audience any time of day, with no additional effort. “Our platform handles spikes in traffic without a hitch and provides a flawless and personalized one to one HD streaming experience for the customer and their viewership,” cites Friedlander.

Verizon Digital Media Services is all set to continue streamlining workflows for broadcasters, content publishers, and providers, to meet the growing OTT consumption as cost-effectively and easily as possible.

Verizon Digital Media Services

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Jason Friedlander, Director, Marketing Communications

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