Verne Global: Delivering True HPC on an Industrial Scale

Dominic Ward, CFO
Designing and operating industrial scale data centers for HPC comes with its fair share of challenges. Firstly, these types of facilities consume and need access to enormous amounts of power. Secondly, to improve efficiency and reduce the total cost of operations (TCO), the optimal climate for this infrastructure should enable all year round free air-cooling. Thirdly, physical campuses must be optimized for intensive HPC workloads, be extremely secure and highly resilient to ensure continuous operations.

London headquartered Verne Global solved these challenges when the company selected Iceland as the optimal location for its data center campus. Iceland has an abundant, 100 percent renewable energy supply, which is delivered via an extremely reliable and industrialized power grid. Verne Global’s campus is built on a former NATO base, providing the maximum security that the company and their customers demand. And, as Iceland enjoys consistently cool weather throughout all seasons, it has provided an optimal climate for Verne Global to build ultra efficient infrastructure tailored to HPC that has firmly positioned the company as a leader in the HPC landscape.

The increasing demand for flexible and scalable solutions within the HPC community is redefining the way data centers and related service providers function, and how users deploy their HPC applications. Dominic Ward, CFO at Verne Global, says, “We provide the perfect physical infrastructure for high performance computing along with TrueHPC bare metal computing that allows our customers to optimize their HPC applications and do more with less.”

This solution is perfectly aligned with the industry trend of application disaggregation and optimization, as Ward explains further: “The ‘one-size fits all’ approach for applications is outdated. Verne Global’s customers can split their applications between our lower resiliency powerDIRECT and powerDIRECT+ environments and their ‘mission critical’ applications in our highly-redundant powerADVANCE environments. The TCO savings from this approach can be higher than 75 percent.

Our customers receive the greatest optimization for their HPC needs and experience the power, performance and agility of a True HPC solution

Complementing these HPC environments is Verne Global’s HPC as a service solution, hpcDIRECT, which provides dedicated bare metal compute for HPC. Ward explains: “Our hpcDIRECT solution was designed by HPC specialists for HPC users. hpcDIRECT is a product we developed as a result of customer demand and it is helping our customers gain true competitive advantage through increased HPC power, performance, and agility. Our specialist HPC team works hand in hand with our customers on a daily basis to ensure that they exceed their own expectations.”

Powered by its optimized environment, infrastructure and innovative solutions, Verne Global has attracted companies from a wide range of industry verticals. Ward cites one such instance, wherein one of their clients, BMW, was concerned about the carbon emissions of their HPC infrastructure. After BMW collocated a number of their HPC clusters to Verne Global’s Iceland-based campus BMW reduced their carbon footprint by 3,500 metric tons, and their HPC-energy cost by a staggering 82 percent. It was not only a win-win situation for the organizations involved, but for the environment as well.

Looking forward, Verne Global plans to continue serving the increasing volumes and complexity of high performance computing by bringing more innovations to the HPC landscape. “Our customers receive the greatest optimization for their HPC needs and experience the power, performance and agility of a TrueHPC solution that reduces costs and does not compromise the environment,” Ward concludes.

Verne Global

London, United Kingdom

Dominic Ward, CFO

Verne Global delivers advanced data center solutions at industrial scale

Verne Global