VersaTech: Data Driven Decisions for Superior Performance

Jason Peay, President and CEO
Starting a business and effecting change has always been the goal of Jason Peay, President and CEO of VersaTech, Inc. Early in his career, when Jason Peay was working as a consultant for various organizations, he recognized that enterprises had yet to effectively leverage technology aided efficiency. This spurred the zealous Peay to establish VersaTech, which today, provides Big Data analytics, software development and custom made IT solutions to Federal and public sector organizations that impact not only businesses but also the lives of millions across the country. “I wanted to be an innovator, who supported people and helped them achieve their goals,” says Peay, a driven business man, dedicated family man and avid sports fan.

Over the years, Peay has taken VersaTech from being a consultancy firm to a Federal Government contractor whose business model revolves around a customer-centric approach. VersaTech consolidates data from scattered locations and empowers organizations to automate processes that result in effective use of time and resources, having a direct impact on the bottom line of a company.

On the Big Data front, VersaTech collects and tracks data then builds custom reports for the government. Using Big Data reporting tools like Cognos, they work with systems that attract information in the federal government, and help the latter make informed decisions. Not very long ago, VersaTech diversified from just working with agencies like FDA and into doing healthcare support work at hospitals. Besides that, they also provide customized software solutions that make systems more secure amidst increasing hacking incidents. “We provide solutions that help people make critical decisions, thus preventing potentially adverse ramifications,” says Peay.

One of the many attributes giving VersaTech an edge over the competition is their tool agnosticism and customer centricity.
Unlike many other ‘run of the mill’ firms that push a single product, VersaTech listens to customers and tailors a solution that best addresses their requirements and issues. Their skilled development team and their approach of dealing every engagement with customers as a partnership, makes VersaTech the company to work with. “We put the customers first; stick to what we do best, and we make sure we get the job done,” asserts Peay.

Primarily being a Federal Government contractor, VersaTech has worked extensively with agencies including USDA, FDA, NHTSA and the DoD. The company has established themselves as a provider of quality services for federal agencies that help them make critical decisions affecting the national and public safety. Fundamentally, Peay’s firm solves problems and makes organizations function more efficiently by leveraging technology. They automate processes and provide easy access to data through custom reports that save a considerable amount of time, improving their client’s productivity. Another attractive aspect of VersaTech that makes them a hit among their clients is their fair price point.

We provide solutions that help people make critical decisions, thus preventing potentially adverse ramifications

In the coming years, Peay sees VersaTech growing significantly, building a larger presence within their customers and developing innovative and cutting edge systems that help customers achieve their goals in a seamless manner. “I also see us having two distinct service lines; one would be the Big Data analytics and the other would be the dedicated healthcare services,” adds Peay.


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Jason Peay, President and CEO

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