VERSE: Automating Quality and Compliance Processes

CIO VendorTim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy
In the process-intensive food and beverages sector, companies have to comply with Quality, EHS and compliance requirements that will allow them to manage and track their processes efficiently. “Whether from a regulatory or vendor standpoint, there is a definite need for more visibility into adverse events and to maintain a higher level of compliance,” says Tim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy, VERSE. Headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, VERSE is about versatility, allowing clients to achieve compliance visibility and control through affordable solutions that are configurable to their unique business models. The firm offers key compliance processes such as Document Control, Complaint Handling, HACCP, Non-conformances, Corrective Action, Audits, and Training in a dedicated cloud environment.

VERSE creates solutions that enable businesses to build total quality, EHS and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance management solutions. “One of the key components of any compliance program, especially in food and beverages is that they need GMP—a framework that lot of companies are striving to adopt,” says Lozier. VERSE’s solutions such as Complaints Handling manage the investigation and resolution of customer complaints, whereas the Risk Management tools provide the framework for handling adverse events in a systematic way. “Our software and the tools follow a framework that is compatible with all best practices, whether it is GFSI, ISO compliance or GMP,” adds Lozier.

Further, for the Environmental Health and Safety initiatives of food and beverages industry, VERSE’s robust EHS platform provides the flexibility needed to be productive. The platform automates the process to ensure safety incidents are immediately recorded and reported. VERSE’s workflow intelligently moves processes along, with notifications and assignments and automatically routes these to the right people to act on them quickly.

On the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) front, food and beverages companies have to map out their entire food processes assessing the different hazards systematically. VERSE’s Food Safety Management solution allows the detection of adverse events within their HACCP program to take corrective action ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Our software and the tools follow a framework that is compatible with all best practices, whether it is GFSI, ISO compliance or GMP

VERSE has a reporting engine, built across the entire platform, be it EHS, Quality, GMP compliance or F&B safety. The reporting engine with charting, alerts, reports, and dashboards helps a customer to analyze and improve safety in the enterprise. “We also provide user-configurable dashboards. For instance, when a user logs in, he can see the priority reports and challenges facing the organization according to his role in the company. The reporting engine allows you to measure and assess the health of your organization’s compliance initiatives and take action as needed,” explains Lozier.

Most organizations would want to transition from a paper-based process to an automated process for their GSFI programs. The biggest impact using the VERSE solution is in centrally managing the documentation process resulting in reduced workforce. The solution eliminates administrative work and data entry by automating many processes within the compliance program to be able to create a streamlined approach for compliance.

Highlighting the simplicity, transparency and effectiveness of the VERSE solution, Lozier opines that they offer free trials whereby the customer can make sure that the solution best suits their compliance eco system. “Innovation for us lies in the user experience and not only on product features. The real benefit for our customers is in our simple and intuitive user experience, and the solutions’ easy implementation,” states Lozier. “We are continually advancing the product for even richer user experience, where the product will take on a responsive design for all user types.”


Farmingdale, NY

Tim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy

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