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Joseph Randazzo, General Manager It is one thing to set a strategic direction for a firm and inspire leaders to take up the mission at all levels. It’s quite another to have the foresight to supply the organization with the right tools for success. For many mid-market companies, Quality Management Software (QMS) can be one such tool.

Perhaps that’s the reason the offices of Verse Solutions are quite busy at the moment. The company has successfully managed to create a robust QMS offering that provides small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) the flexibility and functionality of an enterprise solution at a low cost of entry. The credit goes to the quality engineers who founded Verse with the motive to enable organizations to maintain an efficient compliance practice as one of the impactful ways to enhance a business’s performance. “Leveraging our expertise in quality management and the cloud infrastructure, we believe we have achieved this goal,” elucidates Joseph Randazzo, General Manager, Verse Solutions.

With CIOs and other C-level members in need of streamlining resources, adapting to ever changing business requirements, and simplifying their internal IT practices, the VERSE platform provides a flexible QMS package that creates a perfect solution. Through Verse’s configurability, customers leverage the software in managing to their business practices using simple click and drag functionality.

Other products from Verse’s competition are at either side of the complexity spectrum. They either have a rigid set of workflows, causing a customer to alter their actual business practices or conversely, only offer configurations on a complex process by process basis. Verse stands out in the field because the firm allows organizations to fluidly change forms or workflows to best meet their specific business needs while providing a simple user friendly experience.

In addition to flexibility, Verse’s GMP cloud based solution offers best in practice security, featuring 24x7 monitoring, Safe Harbor and TRUSTe certifications. Verse’s data center is SOC 1 Type II certified, and the solution is incorporated with electronic signature and audit trail functionality. In addition it provides tools needed to achieve validation, including test scripts, documentation and online tutorials. Regulated companies in the mid-market have received this as a competitive advantage because that doesn’t have the luxury of starting from scratch due to time and resource constraints. But there are phenomenal tailwinds behind the QMS Software market right now.

First, the market is seeking cloud options, which in addition to carrying robust security features, must be easy to implement and maintain. Next, from a functionality standpoint, the QMS market is very interested in solutions that help organizations define risk and communicate through comprehensive reporting mechanisms.

“At Verse, we have responded to the need to build solutions in the cloud and the response from our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Randazzo.
Verse has included a professional learning library within the product. Customers can review product documentation, online tutorials, workbooks, and other learning supplements as they decide the ways to efficiently leverage Verse’s many different modules included in the QMS suite package. In addition, Verse has an implementation team that works with customers, ensuring they have implemented and are adequately trained on the use of their solutions. “These specialists are not only experts in the Verse product, but highly experienced in the field of quality and compliance,” mentions Randazzo.

Furthermore, Verse believes in transparency in demonstrating the value. This is why, contrary to many other solutions in the QMS market, Verse offers potential customers the ability to take a 30 day free trial of the solution. This helps mid-market companies see the value firsthand and understand the impact the platform can potentially have on their business.

With regards to the helping to mitigate risks, Verse Solutions has built in comprehensive quantitative risk tools that allow customers to identify, mitigate, and communicate risk throughout the organization. These Risk tools utilize the internal collaboration function found in the Verse platform, while providing a systematic and objective means to enable stakeholders to make more informed decisions. Randazzo says, “Our reporting functionality is an automated way to share these and all tangible results across an organization, seamlessly within or external to the platform, as the customer desires.”

“Verse”-atile Solutions for the enterprise

“Our Marketing group came up with the name ‘Verse’ as a play on words.” “The name represents the versatility of the platform offering, the universe of quality in which we all live, and the idea of verse being a chapter of importance,” Randazzo says.

Our technology allows customers to quantify and focus on detecting high risk events to mitigate or avoid

In line with this philosophy, Verse’s QMS solution provides a synergy of required actions. “Our customers, particularly in the mid-market, have expressed a need for a product that is flexible enough to encompass their unique business practices, while providing the professional insight for an organization focused on compliance,” delineates Randazzo. The team at Verse has baked that insight into the suite of compliance modules which are all interconnected. In other words, the different applications found with Verse have the ability to leverage information and work with each other to eliminate duplicate efforts, take advantage of the most accurate sources of inputs and streamline efficiency. “When you boil down the main functions of our software, we look to detect and correct events while effecting organizational change for measurable improvements,” says Randazzo. For this reason Verse’s modules are designed with an underlying connectivity that creates an unbroken chain for the quality management life cycles. Regardless of the customer having an established quality department or just starting out, Verse is designed to seamlessly automate quality objectives and enables the customer to demonstrate the effectiveness of implemented processes.
“Our technology allows customer to quantify and focus on detecting high risk events and mitigate or avoid them,” mentions Randazzo. The Verse platform allows users to use quantitative analysis, through its robust reporting, to analyze trends and make better and quicker decisions.

"We are constantly seeking customer feedback in order to keep our product fresh with the newest requirements"

VERSE was developed to be nimble and be accessible, while enabling organizations to gain quality and compliance tools in a cost-effective manner. The Verse platform provides an alternative to email and spreadsheets, while providing powerful tools to expand on events. “This helps our customer’s reduce multiple communication methods to one systematic process and better organize the collection of pertinent and critical business information,” explains Randazzo. This organization allows transparency and simplicity for complex and important events and the ability to seamlessly distribute/communicate to the individuals that need this information most.

In an implementation highlight, a customer was originally leveraging four people to manage doc control manually (excel); after implementing Verse, they were able to reduce this resource constraint down to one employee and reallocate the other three personnel. Another customer was able to reduce a manual quality control review down from 30 days to a single day, due to increased connectivity, collaboration and reporting functionality. “In fact, our customers typically see a 25 percent or more efficiency increase when implementing a module like document control over manually managing spreadsheets,” says Randazzo.

Innovating to Stay Ahead

“We are constantly seeking customer feedback in order to keep our products fresh with the newest requirements,” says Randazzo. Verse does this by implementing a large customer experience team to not only manage each account, but identify and escalate all customer feedback, ensuring the many needs of different industries get addressed by Verse. “One advantage to being a SaaS offering is our ability to quickly identify and implement industry leading innovations to the product,” says Randazzo.

Accordingly, Verse has recently updated risk and reporting and will continue to add features and functionality that is requested by the industry. For example, based on customer feedback the firm has recently released a set of simple, free tools, surrounding risk and compliance, accessible on the website. These tools can be found at and provide customers and the market at large the ability to improve compliance at no cost whatsoever – just another example of how Verse is looking to help all companies achieve compliance.

The Power of People

“At Verse, we have placed a large investment in human capital,” says Randazzo. There has been immense effort to ensure the firm has the right people within the organization. Verse believes that empowering its leaders and other members of the organization will help the company in its ultimate goal of empowering their customers to manage their quality and compliance needs in the most efficient manner possible.

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