VersionOne: Continuous Visibility and Delivery Management for DevOps

Robert Holler, Director, CEO & Co-founder
“Enterprise organizations around the world are striving to accelerate the delivery of software to respond to the changing business demands and outpace competitive market challenges,” begins Robert Holler, CEO and Co-Founder, VersionOne. “However, to successfully achieve this goal, they need real-time visibility and traceability across the entire software delivery lifecycle.” To this end, VersionOne offers VersionOne Continuum—an enterprise continuous delivery solution for accelerating the delivery of high quality software. It revolutionizes the way teams visualize and track business value right from the beginning through production and deployment to unify agile and DevOps. Continuum is easy-to-use as it starts working with the delivery tools that are already in practice like Jenkins, Chef, and Selenium.

VersionOne Continuum—an enterprise continuous delivery solution—tracks user stories and defects precisely in each stage of delivery with zero-time delay, as they flow from development, through pre-production environments, and ultimately into production. This provides complete visibility to streamline the software delivery process and minimizes deployment risk. Moreover, it provides detailed audit and timeline reporting and ensures that every minute step is subjected to internal and external policies by documenting the precise business contents of each incremental software release. Continuum is designed with the capability to easily attune to the existing DevOps toolset or can also act alone as a complete delivery solution. It reduces the manual effort associated with documenting production release and untangles the coordination of release events across all business stakeholders.

Since its inception, VersionOne is committed to its agile community roots and continues to be an active sponsor of and contributor to agile events, conferences, and user groups worldwide by supporting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Through this agile development, teams accelerate software delivery and provide improved visibility into their software development lifecycle. Similarly, advancements in monitoring and analytics have helped IT operations gain more visibility into the health of production software.In VersionOne, multiple agile methodologies and processes such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean can operate within one easy-to-adopt, simple-to-scale system.

We help businesses scale agile easier with SAFe by improving and accelerating business decisions at the portfolio level

As a provider of agile lifecycle management software solutions, VersionOne has introduced new capabilities for enterprise-scale agile, including portfolio-level metrics in alignment with version 3.0 of SAFe. VersionOne’s support for SAFe 3.0 combines with deep enterprise-level capabilities such as a portfolio-level environment; VersionOne PlanningRoom specifically tailored for scaling agile, and the recently released mobile collaboration to make scaling agile easier for large software development organizations. “We help businesses scale agile easier with SAFe by improving and accelerating business decisions at the portfolio level,” says Holler.

Vindicating such expertise, VersionOne assisted Axway—a business interaction networks company which provides the tools to manage, run, secure, and monitor all business interactions. With a complex team and development structure, Axway was in need to maintain a high level of communication across functions and locations to carry out operations efficaciously. The implementation of VersionOne significantly improved the operating model and delivered visibility into release forecasting while identifying misalignment between market demands and feature requests. “Managing our iterative development in VersionOne provided us with the foundation to assess and reassess whether what we were delivering met the market’s needs,” says Jorge Rodriguez, Senior VP of Product Development, Axway. “We were able to look at trends in our key metrics using VersionOne and course-correct early on.”

Armed with their socio-cultural office environment, VersionOne is focused on building deep-rooted relationships with customers and providing sustainable results. “VersionOne continues to focus on innovation that helps transform software organizations through agile at-scale,” concludes Holler.


Alpharetta, GA

Robert Holler, Director, CEO & Co-founder

Helps organizations achieve the benefits of DevOps by automating, orchestrating, and visualizing the flow of change throughout the software delivery cycle.