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Ganesh Iyer, President
“The question about the viability of the Cloud as an enterprise platform is already settled. The new challenge for most organizations is how to drive the maximum leverage using the Cloud. With the Salesforce. com platform, this is now extending the enterprise to the mobile space, using the platform as a means to deploy mobile ready custom apps and shortening your time to market by leveraging the App Exchange. This is where we are playing”, says Ganesh Iyer, President of Vertex Computer Systems.

Vertex, a Twinsburg, OH headquartered company, is a Silver Partner, and has been implementing very high end solutions using the platform for over a decade. The company started off as a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integrator, deploying CRM and Service Desk applications for enterprises of all sizes – Fortune 100 companies to the SMB companies. With its mature delivery model and a customer ranking of 9.5, the company boasts of implementations in a variety of industry segments.
“Most enterprises recognize that they have to extend their IT frontier to the mobile space. This offers challenges as well as opportunities. For example, how do you ensure that you provide ubiquitous application access regardless of whether you are connected or not,” Ganesh adds. This is an area where Vertex has driven phenomenal innovation. They have leveraged the mobile technology to provide “on-line” and “off-line” access to applications for a seamless user experience regardless of connectivity. The mobile off-line solution that Vertex provides has been embraced by several service organizations and is becoming a value differentiator.

Another critical focus for Vertex is driving maximum value from “We tell our customers, you are buying a high horse power car with your investment in technology. You can drive it like a 4 cylinder engine or take advantage of the turbo charge”.
According to Ganesh, many customers have very low recognition of the Force. com platform and what it can do as an alternative to the traditional in-house infrastructure. The Force. com platform has all the innate advantages that Cloud offers – speed of development and deployment, scalability, 24 hour availability, mobile access and most importantly shifting from Cap Ex to Op Ex. Vertex has deployed several mission critical applications for its customers leveraging the platform. According to Ganesh, the platform is incredibly attractive when you have to extend the application to your customers, vendors or other external partners.

Providing access from anywhere and any place is the positive aspect that we accentuate

The third key trend that Ganesh and his team has latched onto is the increasing viability of applications from the App Exchange. iTunes and Google Store has changed the mindset of consumers and corporations about looking at solutions through the prism of Apps that you can buy and deploy. Vertex has developed an application called bSure that can be used by Credit Managers to automate the process of evaluating the financial risk of customers and suppliers. The bSure application, developed using the technology, is now listed on the App Exchange and is deployed in several Fortune customers.

As a trusted advisor to its clients, Vertex strives to prove that technology is never a bottleneck for business growth. The core differentiating factor that sets Vertex apart in the industry is its ability to communicate with its customers using “business speak.” Ganesh sees a long growth line for his company. “This is just the beginning,” says Ganesh, stressing on the fact that organizations will continue to need partners or integrators with a proven track record of innovation and success.

Vertex Computer System

Twinsburg, OH

Ganesh Iyer, President

Vertex Computer Systems, as a silver partner of Salesforce focuses on building strategic roadmaps for implementing and adopting sales cloud, service cloud and Salesforce CRM within an enterprise