Veruna: Redefining Insurance Agency Management

Veruna aims to provide independent insurance agencies with tools that enable them to grow and compete in the ever-changing insurance technology landscape. While there is a sentiment by some in the insurance industry that the independent agency model is outdated, they provide a critical human relationship element that many consumers desire. The more complex the insurance needs are, the more human assistance is needed to evaluate the customer’s needs.

The number of independent agencies has been stable for the last ten years, despite the technological advances of large direct to consumer websites. Jonathan Lincoln, President and Co- Founder of Veruna, explains, “This doesn’t mean independent agencies don’t need technology. The only way they are going to survive and compete against the direct to consumer model is by having their own tools and technologies.” Veruna offers a variety of customizable solutions as well as consulting services to help agencies become more efficient and competitive.

We don’t just focus on the past, we offer predictors, so agencies know where they are headed in the future

Veruna AMR leverages the Salesforce platform with capabilities that facilitate communication between agents and their clients. As a powerful sales tool and data capture system, information can be automatically transferred to the agency’s customer database and accounting system, eliminating lost opportunities and delays in coverage. With enhanced marketing tools, agents can create email drip campaigns and personalized marketing materials. The automation enables an agency to increase their reach without losing the personal touch. Agents also have the ability to track their relationships with clients, allowing them to customize messages. Legacy systems typically only offer agencies tools to manage the current book of clients, while Veruna provides a managed communication system that fosters the growth of the company.

As a holistic solution, Veruna is developing a complete customer portal where users can log in to their website for self-service and communicate with an agent.

This helps small to mid-sized companies offer the same strong online experience as larger companies, while allowing them to work with a local, human agent.

The reporting features of Veruna AMR create a platform that helps agents analyze their data while also providing current statistics so they can maximize their efforts for future growth. Legacy reporting systems can be rigid, providing minimal value. “Our dashboard gives a quick visual of the status of the agency. We don’t just focus on the past, we offer predictors, so agencies know where they are headed,” states Lincoln.

Veruna also offers professional agency management consulting services. They believe that their software is only a tool that provides a better value when used properly. Their consulting team is comprised of certified insurance educators that understand the inner workings of an insurance agency. These consultants help design customized systems and then train agencies to use the tools for an optimal experience that will help grow their business.

One of Veruna’s success stories involves an aviation insurance agency. Because of the client’s niche, the legacy system they were using was not providing the industry specific benefits they desired. Veruna’s consulting team worked with them to develop a Salesforce solution, customized for aviation insurance.

Having received numerous accolades and industry recognitions over the years, Veruna has proven its clout in developing the most innovative and sustainable solutions. Looking to the future, Veruna will continue to strive to deliver a best-of-breed user experience based on the actual needs of insurance agents.


Westborough, MA

Jonathan Lincoln, President & Co-founder

Enabling independent insurance agents to grow their business by changing the way they do work