Vesta Partners: Improved Enterprise Asset Management

Martin Stenzig, President
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enables organizations to manage their assets successfully without creating a huge management workload, while reducing costs and increasing Return on Investment. (ROI). However, various enterprises continue to use disparate systems, which perform redundant functions. Further, manual efforts in planning, scheduling, reporting, and other industrial activities, hinders progress in an EAM strategy. Major software companies such as SAP are successfully removing these roadblocks through their innovative solutions that meet the needs of Large Enterprises as well as Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the EAM world. Bringing the expertise of SAP EAM to the doorstep of organizations, Vesta Partners is enabling organizations to implement their asset management strategies and optimize business processes. “Our differentiating factors are our experience, proven methodologies and a disciplined approach to project management,” stated Martin Stenzig, President, Vesta Partners North America. “We bring together a unique group of people who possess both software implementation expertise and real world operations experience.”

Headquartered in Stamford, CT, Vesta’s EAM services are built on the foundation of their workforce’s Real World Experience.’ “We have been in the seats of our customers and offer subject matter expertise around business processes and SAP EAM technology,” explains Stenzig. Vesta’s services are broken up into four main buckets—EAM Services, Technical Services, Industry Solutions, and Software Products. The company’s technical services include mobility and usability, integrations of third party solutions and operational data, analytics, and custom developments. The industry solutions offered by Vesta are designed for specific industries such as utilities and rail. “All our services together provide customers an end-to-end solution that meets their EAM needs,” says Stenzig.

Vesta has developed a framework and overall approach to SAP EAM implementations, which focuses on system configuration while incorporating best practices from the very beginning of the project. These unique methods and approaches incorporate the collective experience and knowledge of industry professionals, whose primary focus is SAP and asset management. The company’s methods do not rely on an overly burdensome and complex ERP framework.
Vesta also takes an early and sensible approach to key project processes including knowledge transfer, data mapping, configuration, and prototyping to ensure project success.

Vesta, meeting the EAM requirements of many organizations, has assisted them to achieve success in various projects. One such organization belonging to the public rail utility wanted to implement linear asset management for tracks, bridges, drainage and facilities, signals, telecommunications and electrical asset groups, using SAP’s Linear Asset Management (LAM) functionality. The mission statement was to support their operations in maintaining and managing their fixed linear and point assets— for the rail and electrified rail networks—to improve reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety. Vesta was responsible to deliver a solution for LAM including designing, building, testing, and deploying. The other task for the company was to install a foundation for future technology opportunities, such as Geographic Information System (GIS) integration, mobility, and multi resource scheduling. Vesta efficiently delivered a quality LAM project on time, with detailed design documents. It enabled the client to identify the linear information required to populate the Linear Functional Locations and Equipment that represented the backbone of the linear design.

We bring together a unique group of people who possess both software implementation expertise and real world operations experience

Vesta, through its various projects, has identified innovation as the key to staying ahead in the EAM industry. Leveraging their innovation arm, Vesta aims to focus on concepts of Informational Technology/Operational Technology(IT/OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big data, to help customers understand, plan, and implement ISO 55000 requirements in the context of their EAM projects. “We will continue to lead the EAM space by delivering excellence through innovation and achieve operational excellence in a data driven world,” concludes Stenzig.

Vesta Partners

Stamford, CT

Martin Stenzig, President

Provides industry best practices in business process, brought to life through proven SAP EAM technology solutions.