VIAAS: Professional Surveillance Simplified

Matt Connolly, President
‘Our digital video recorder (DVR) is out of space. It is overwriting our videos.’ Complaints like these are common as many organizations are saddled with clunky, antiquated video surveillance systems. Insufficient DVR storage space, inadequate camera coverage and unreliable equipment often contribute to the pain. Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is poised to change the way we deploy video surveillance. What if there was a complete video surveillance solution that requires no DVR, NVR or video management software?’

Making this a reality is VIAAS, an integrated Cloud-based video surveillance company that is uniquely positioned to serve commercial, education, and government customers. “Customers deserve better. The VIAAS solution doesn’t require any other hardware or software, just cameras, service plans, and a connection to the Internet. The highly scalable solution captures HD video in almost any situation and records it to the VIAAS Secure Cloud,” says Matt Connolly, president of VIAAS.

The company’s VSaaS solution helps customers manage and monitor unlimited cameras, sites, and users in a single account through web browsers and mobile devices. VIAAS’ solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, delivering unparalleled deployment flexibility.

With more than a decade of expertise, VIAAS was among the first to offer Cloud-VSaaS to commercial customers. It is not surprising they have multiple issued U.S. patents. VIAAS offers several camera models that are manufactured to their exact specifications, with their proprietary firmware. “Our patented Cloud-connectivity and Bandwidth Shaping™ technology are embedded in each VIAAS camera. Yet, the solution is available at a very competitive price point,” extols Connolly. As security is paramount, VIAAS’ video surveillance solution encrypts the video streams to securely store and export the video data.

As per Connolly, when a customer purchases the camera from VIAAS, they also purchase a service plan.

Customers deserve better. The VIAAS solution doesn’t require any other hardware or software

“The five plans we offer are differentiated primarily based on where the video is stored and how long a customer wants to retain the data,” elucidates Connolly. If a customer wants live streaming capability with no recorded video, they can choose the VIAAS Live View plan. The Local Plus plan builds on the Live View plan with up to thirty days video retention on the camera’s SD card. With VIAAS Deluxe plan, customers have up to thirty days storage on the SD card, and the previous seven days recordings stored in the VIAAS Secure Cloud. The Premium and Professional plans are available with 30 to 180 days guaranteed Cloud storage, higher video resolution and added features. Customers may mix and match service plans among cameras to meet their specific needs.

The competitive benefits that customers gain deploying the VIAAS’ Cloud-connected solution include lower up-front cost, higher reliability, lower maintenance, and continuous updates to the latest features. The highly reliable VIAAS platform also offers centralized management, plug and play cameras, and ActiveSoftware for automatic updates to deliver the latest camera firmware. Integrated with IntelEvent™ technology, VIAAS cameras capture video only when there is a motion and display those events in a format that makes it quick and easy to find specific clips. VIAAS’ cameras can record and store video even when the internet or local network are down. An added advantage is that by leveraging Bandwidth Shaping™, the VIAAS solution can operate efficiently in low bandwidth environments.

Along the path of product expansion, Connolly states, “We continue to develop and deploy new products and features to meet the evolving needs of our customers and break new ground in the video surveillance arena.”


Campbell, CA

Matt Connolly, President

Provides complete cloud-connected video surveillance solutions to commercial, education, and government customers