viaPro: Augmenting Productivity through Epicor ERP Solutions

Daina Ziraka, MD
With multiple ERP solutions in the marketplace today, deciding the most befitting package for business could be acomplicated task. Headquartered in Riga, Latvia, viaPro provides global business software platform and enterprise applications from Epicor to help customers effectively automate and streamline their business functions. “Epicor is responding to the new fangled requirements of today’s businesses – mobility, convergence of ERP, consumer user interfaces, and SaaS. This means that the customers are not forced to accept their ERP solution as a legacy system at any time,” explains Daina Ziraka, Managing Director, viaPro. Built from the ground up using service oriented architecture (SOA) best practices, viaPro’s enterprise solutions help companies to focus on their core, revenue-generating activities and deliver value to their customers.

viaPro’s software solutions are developed hand in hand with customer business managers and the company typically is responsible for business process definitions, solution design, integration specification, development, go-live and support. With its consistent use of Epicor Signature implementation methodology for single and multi-site roll-out, viaPro delivers controlled governance over the implementation process. “We are pioneers in our market with Epicor iScala ERP solutions. Since Epicor provides very flexible out of box solutions, we don’t have to concern regarding the ‘code’ of the system. Instead we focus on delivering our business expertise to customers and bring more value-added features with each project,” informs Ziraka. viaPro also employs Change Management techniques in all their projects to see both tasks and people involved.

Epicor approach to continuity of products has been a supportive safe-box either for our customers and us as a partner

This method has proven to be the most important factor in successful system implementation, maintenance and further development. “We are using a lot of data and information processing on daily operations, to facilitate IT to redesign and optimize business processes,” asserts Ziraka.

Leveraging Epicor Service Connect Solution—a platform dedicated for online collaboration between back-office and front-office applications, viaPro has extended its knowledge and expertise to several industries, with Forestry, fabricated metals, automotive industry and wholesale industry being the major ones. For instance, the company has been implementing Epicor iScala ERP for forest companies for years. To gain efficiencies in data processing of measured logs in quantitative and financial sense, viaPro is offering RoundLink, a software solution that help transform collected metric data into accurate quantitative and financial data, and support settlement of accounts with suppliers and business partners. In the wholesale industry, viaPro delivers different integration interfaces between 3rd parties in the supply chain, which allow customers to save time on data handling tasks, and focus on more value-added tasks.

In an insightful example, one of the long term customers of viaPro was extending operations to a new site in neighboring country. The project has to be done instantly due to unavoidable circumstance. Within two weeks, viaPro rolled out complete Epicor iScala ERP solution in diverse languages and deployed existing integrations to third parties along the supply chain – suppliers and customers. For another client in the Food Manufacturing that was trying to outsource warehousing and distribution processes, viaPro delivered customized integration solution in less than two months with Epicor integration toolbox.

viaPro keeps itself abreast of latest trends and technologies in the global market and implements the same in their local market. “In the coming years, we are planning to upgrade our customer’s engagement with latest Epicor ERP versions open for Epicor ICE business architecture and Epicor Mobile application solutions,” concludes Ziraka.


Riga, Latvia

Daina Ziraka, MD

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