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Matt Florell, President
Amidst a wide range of communication options and growing customer expectations, the traditional contact center is transitioning into an interactive engagement centre. Today, the multichannel contact center has to leverage CRM and garner data from a multitude of business applications and integration proves to be the key to its success. Over the years, organizations seek to tie their business processes more tightly together and improve overall efficiency and increasingly seek integrated logging of events and reporting solutions that pull data from two or more different systems. Addressing this requirement, VICIdial offers a well-rounded and robust contact center solution that packs in advanced levels of integration capabilities with external data systems and provides insights to enhance the customer experience.

Equipped with high-level integration capabilities, VICIdial’s enterprise class, open source, contact center suite provides inbound and outbound call handling, with predictive auto-dialing features, and inbound and outbound IVR features. The functionalities also include inbound email and customer website chat— all blended through the same agent screen. Built upon the frameworks of Linux, Asterisk, PHP, MariaDB, Perl, and several other open source projects, the robust VICIdial solution provides the ability for self-modification, expansive user-base, no end-of-life, and no per-user fees for the software. “VICIdial is the most popular open-source contact center solution in the world, based upon our download numbers,” states Matt Florell, President of VICIdial. The firm helps organizations tackle complex external data systems through improved import-export tools, and expanded API functions, making the VICIdial project a better-rounded, robust, and complete contact center solution. VICIdial’s built-in APIs allow integration with many external systems while the dynamic language management interface enables easy customization of the user interface. It also includes dozens of built-in reports, along with simple tools for agent monitoring and an internal chat interface or whisper coaching for the agents.

In addition, VICIhost service leases managed servers to clients on a monthly basis and offers consulting and certified hardware for clients that want to manage and customize their VICIdial systems according to their need.

VICIdial is the most popular open-source contact center solution in the world, based upon our download numbers

VICIdial’s high customizability allows clients to change color schemes and logos on a per-cluster basis and build agent screen forms through VICIdial’s Custom Fields feature to fit each of their campaigns’ data field needs. Florell also cites an instance where they customized their client’s custom records import and export tools to work with a few of the default data formats that their existing customer management systems used.

VICIdial etched its prowess in seamless integrations for one of their sales clients that needed to have their partners provide qualified lead phone calls with customer information attached to the calls. This complex process required changes to the client’s and their partner’s backend processes. Since the client’s partner companies were already using VICIdial, the addition of some new functions allowed for a simple configuration of a live-call data lookup process that sends full lead data from the originating VICIdial cluster to the destination VICIdial cluster almost instantaneously. Also, VICIdial’s new Cross- Cluster Communication feature set was configured in a matter of minutes by using only web-based configuration tools. The client is currently using this new feature set with multiple partner companies and has the ability to independently tie new partners into their system.

With over 2000 features, VICIdial has earned a global user base. The company supports the general open source community through code contributions and beta testing, sponsorships, and donations. For the road ahead, the company envisions to add tighter integration with the evolving WebRTC technologies, as well as additional integration options to readily interoperate with external systems.


St Petersburg, FL

Matt Florell, President

Offers leading edge technologies for contact center services with improved import-export tools and expanded API functions