Vidder Inc.: Pioneering Precision Access for a Secure Extended Enterprise

CIO VendorMark Hoover, CEO
Cloud technology, outsourcing, supply chains, collaboration and mobility provide compelling economics and enhanced agility for today’s enterprise. Having the ability to connect anywhere to anyone online—global external partners, outsourced service pro-viders, overseas subject-matter experts, and critical apps in the cloud—gives the enterprise tremendous competitive ad-vantage. But, the resulting “access by anyone anywhere” requirement across the Extended Enterprise puts the security of their business-critical operations at enormous risk. Just look at the recent epic breaches in any industry.

Control access across the Extended Enterprise—precisely
To ensure security, Vidder pioneered a ground breaking solution that gives enterprise IT complete control of connectivity throughout their Extended Enterprise. This solution is based on a new security model called Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). “Vidder offers a seamless solution that is capable of masking servers from hackers and protecting them from vulnerability,” said Mark Hoover, Vidder’s CEO. “Featuring a uniquely transparent multifactor authentication (tMFA) capability, Vidder’s SDP-based process stops credential theft attacks by allowing only trusted members visibility and connectivity to authorized systems eliminating any chance of the attackers’ penetration.” SDP creates a precise, dynamic connection between users to servers. Such a connection is built based on the pre-evaluation of the trust of the user, device, software, location, and other factors. The connection is also closely monitored for legitimate utilization of systems. Leveraging SDP’s precise, dynamic connection through mutual authentication, Vidder’s software- only solution is developed for multiple purposes, including: secure extended ecosystems, secure cloud migration, and secure dynamic workgroups.
How customers use Vidder
Fortune 500 enterprises deploy Vidder's offering today in their Extended Enterprise for prevention of breaches associated with credential theft, server exploitation, and connection hijacking. “A global consumables seller was experiencing severe threats on its global supply chain network,” Mr. Hoover continued. “An attempt to provide greater security through a mandate of stronger passwords backfired. Their partners, truckers, and distributors across the world were writing down passwords because they were too long and too hard to remember.” Vidder protected the customer’s entire global supply chain operation over the Internet, while preventing credential theft through a multifactor authentication technique that didn’t require any effort for use by authorized users.

Vidder stops cyber attacks across the Extended Enterprise before they start

Founded in 2009, Vidder initially created unique security solutions for large enterprises with extreme security risks. Starting in 2014, Vidder has been providing Fortune 500 companies a commercial SDP-based precision access solution, which has quickly attained strong traction in the security landscape. Vidder's unique software architecture differentiates the company among several other market players. “Customers don't measure us based on our size. They have big problems that remain unsolved by their traditional suppliers of security controls. They evaluate us based on how our solution addresses their threats,” asserts Mr. Hoover. Moving ahead, with a recent close of Series B financing, Vidder is planning to expand their footprint in the U.S., enabling more customers to enjoy the cost and agility advantages of a secure and reliable Extended Enterprise.

Vidder Inc

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Mark Hoover, CEO

Vidder is the pioneer of Precision Access, the next generation access control for the extended enterprise