Viewpath: Eliminating the Chaos of Project Management

Natalie Steck, President & CEO
Eliminating the chaos of project management from internal coordination to external collaboration while reducing risks, and improving the speed and agility of arduous project and resource management processes in the digital age is complex and challenging. To automate time-consuming tasks and manage project management teams, the managers need a project management software solution that not only simplifies the overall project management process but also allows easy access through the cloud to view team availability, assign tasks, and collaborate with teams in real time. That’s where Viewpath—one of the leading providers of enterprise-grade project management and resource planning solutions— makes a difference by taking away the complexities of project management and providing an easy-to-use, cloud-based project management solution. “We want to simplify project planning as an easy distribution process that connects every individual participating in the project. By understanding the needs of a project manager from a business perspective along with the use cases, our customizable tools not only increases the in-app collaboration but also reduces the risk associated with the processes,” asserts Natalie Steck, the President and CEO of Viewpath.

To improve collaboration and visibility among the project teams, Viewpath provides project, portfolio, and task management SaaS software. The cloud-based project management and resource management suite is a robust and scalable technology platform that is simple to deploy, instantly scalable and has an “anytime-anywhere” availability. The toolset is integrated with leading field service and CRM platforms including Salesforce and ServiceMax. Viewpath also seamlessly fits into your current software ecosystem by integrating with G Suite, and Microsoft Office, making deployments within such environments simple, easy to adopt, and cost-effective. Viewpath’s expert team is currently working on developing APIs for Zendesk, Jira, GitHub, Slack, Box, Harvest, and Dropbox to bring an end-to-end productivity tool for their customers. “Our ability to customize and address individual needs is unmatchable. By combining Salesforce and ServiceMax, we can customize automation and workflows to suit different teams’ needs,” explains Dennis Taylor, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Viewpath.
Dennis Taylor, Director, Sales & Marketing
To nip the problem of no visibility into resource demand and capacity planning in the bud, Viewpath includes the overall resource staffing processes, assisting the project managers in communicating requirements and decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle seamlessly. Graphical analysis of resource and role utilization through predictive resource allocation, visually-interactive resource charts, cross-project allocation, individual and team views, and weighted planning makes it easier for project and resource managers to communicate the requirements throughout a project’s lifecycle effectively. Whether its healthcare, manufacturing, construction, professional services, or consulting, Viewpath simplifies the lives of project management teams. The reason many different industries use Viewpath is due to its intuitive design, effective project management functionality, and scalability. For instance, Viewpath helped LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions in automating their project management by deploying supply chain performance-enhancing strategies with proper visibility for the customers and providing certification documentation in one place. The LynnCo team was dealing with lack of synchronization and ineffective collaboration—both internally and with clients, due to the unmanaged collection of Excel worksheets running their multiple projects. LynnCo leveraged Viewpath’s solution, particularly project sharing, Gantt chart views, efficient reporting capabilities, as well as an intuitive interface in their processes. As a result, Viewpath not only accelerated rollout time for LynnCo by 30 percent but also delivered excellent ROI.

For the future, the company looks forward to expanding and strengthening its application. “Our goal is to provide a project management software tool that can flex and scale according to the needs of project managers, which not only makes their job easier but also provides better planning, easier collaboration, deeper visibility, and more intuitive user experience,” asserts Natalie.


Seattle, WA

Natalie Steck, President & CEO and Dennis Taylor, Director, Sales & Marketing

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