Viewpoint Construction Software: Defining The Future Of Construction Excellence

Jay Haladay, CEO
Jay Haladay, CEO of Viewpoint Construction Software, has been committed to the construction software market for more than three decades. As a veteran in the industry, he was quick to recognize that construction businesses require more than accounting, operations and project management software to stay competitive, and there is a need for software that integrates, rather than just integrated software, which can give clients the liberty to share data with other software investments. Being a constant innovator, he along with his team at Viewpoint has applied cutting-edge technologies to come up with innovative solutions that address the business issues unique to the construction industry.

With Viewpoint’s software, clients are able to operate more nimbly and with less risk. This is because they are designed to provide real-time data and present instantaneous impact visibility, which allow the clients to make decisions on the fly. Roger Babichuk, VP, Finance and Administration at Chandos Construction, says, “Viewpoint is clearly a company that stands behind its products. He adds that comprehensive document management; easy file indexing, retrieval and routing for faster approval cycles; quick update process; and low overhead that don’t require extensive IT administration, provided by Viewpoint has made his business less chaotic and has increased the speed of decision making.

Another unique feature of Viewpoint is its ability to create applications that work the way businesses do. Unlike other solutions, customers can choose the components they need to produce versatile applications and build on their core software package by selecting the components that best serve their business needs.

When it comes to a fast return on investment, Viewpoint’s systems deliver unparalleled time savings by resolving efficiency issues around RFI (Request-For-Information) sign-offs and submittals, data sharing and simplified workflows.
Additionally, utilizing the system’s robust job costing, equipment and project management capabilities, customers will be able to better protect their jobs from the threat of profit fade since they will be aware of where they stand on any project at any given time.

Viewpoint’s software solutions are supported by best-in-class services, consulting and support, so that the clients get the most out of their software investment. It also provides cloud and disaster management solutions, which ensures that all the tools used by the clients are maintained for smooth operation and are optimized, secure and available at all times. This eliminates the burden and worries of managing the technology infrastructure, which allows the clients to focus exclusively on their core business. In addition, the company also provides a single database that everyone can access, to get real-time data and consistency in how the data is input and reported out. Jay Haladay says, “Staying a step ahead of the competition when it comes to compatibility is the key to success. And since our products are built with mainstream Microsoft components, they are able to integrate with not only what is available in the market place, but what might come down in the future.”

Viewpoint’s customers include over 30 percent of the 400 largest U.S. general contractors and the company has most technology partnerships with the top 50 mechanical and electrical contractors in the U.S. And going forward, the company plans to extend into adjacent construction markets and new geographies, aggressively using automation and advanced methods to support a progressive business model.

Viewpoint Construction Software

Portland, OR

Jay Haladay, CEO

Viewpoint is a Portland-based software and services firm that operates internationally

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