Vigience: Connecting Business and Technology with Cloud Services

CIO VendorMarkus Stierli, CEO
Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) has been a revelation in identifying a business and the applications or processes related to it. Software providers have always favored their businesses to be hosted on cloud, and SaaS enables it. But a walkthrough of business applications when considered, the practice is still the same when it comes to hosting applications or processes related in connecting them to any solution.

Disrupting this space is Vigience. Founded in 2006, Vigience provides innovative business solutions by using cloud technology and makes business applications an easy tool to use. The firm has gained expertise in connecting cloud applications to existing IT systems such as SAP, ERP, NetSuite, Salesforce and Sharepoint platforms.The firm led by Markus Stierli, CEO, has introduced cloud products QuiXilver and Overcast, which have emerged to be the
major differentiating factor that gives Vigience the edge over others and their usability helps its customers outperform their competitors. QuiXilver is a secure cloud solution designed as the Enterprise IT Cloud platform for SaaS and PaaS where enterprises can seamlessly manage teams, the tasks related and share files while working on tasks. Enterprises dealing with endless tasks which make the process of managing all the more tedious, now can synchronize and assign unlimited number of tasks to the people of their choice under QuiXilver’s Task Management platform. QuiXilver has also gained a lot of attention with its Team Management and Communication platform which enables enterprises to collaborate with any number of users within and outside the enterprise.

With its high quality cloud products on offer, Vigience based in Redwood City, CA is connecting businesses with technology and has emerged as the technology role player in utilizing cloud to provide enterprises with secure, agile and effective solutions.


Redwood City, CA

Markus Stierli, CEO

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