Vigilistics: Real Time Data Analytics to Create Manufacturing Intelligence

Craig Gunther, CEO
“Food safety goals can only succeed with a sophisticated, centralized analytic environment that draws on quality, industry expertise and a sensitive analysis of a company’s unique processes,” says Craig Gunther, CEO, Vigilistics. “This requires multi-tiered data modeling that rapidly configures to the plant and its existing validated processes,” he adds. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Vigilistics delivers this capability by developing technologies that monitor and record the activities at a food processing facility.

Food and beverage companies are now required to “scientifically” analyze food safety risks, and be able to produce process records on 24 hour notice. Vigilistics provides configurable software modules that collect data from the plant floor, build compliance records from that data, and analyze the data to create information that drives quality and efficiency. Today even small facilities in low risk food industries can professionally and cost effectively manage process data using Vigilistics’ hosted solutions. “Our product focus is about shaving time off of tasks done every day, while taking a giant leap forward on managing multi-dimensional relationships between things like process records, user roles, units, suppliers, SOPs, exceptions and training.”

The company’s flagship product, vEMI-Analytics provides organizations transparency into compliance and process details across one or multiple plants. The product brings dashboards, scorecards, benchmarks, process analytics and reports to users’ fingertips with a consistent view across the organization. It accelerates decision making, and increases operational awareness, while improving performance and quality across the organization, enabling risk management.

Vigilistics’ product was reviewed and validated by the FDA for Paperless Compliance Reporting. All of their products are modular, and deployed remotely, allowing the customer to rapidly address an enterprise-wide initiative, while providing the lowest ROI hurdle rate and total cost of ownership in the industry. Validation accelerators play a critical role by enabling customers to safely manage changes to their plant, process and staff with more agility after Vigilistics is installed, than was previously possible.“We don’t view companies who are only building the compliance reports as our competitors, even if a report itself happens to look similar. They aren’t addressing the same pain point,” states Gunther.

cost of ownership in the industry. “We monitor and collect data reflecting production activities at a facility, use the data to build electronic compliance records, and turn the data into information that our customers use to manage food safety risk, increase efficiency and improve quality

Vigilistics has worked with a number of highly recognized food brands such as Nestle, Leprino Foods, Hormel and Kroger. In a recent project with a multi-plant meat processing enterprise, the company demonstrated how easy their product could capture excel based Pre-Op and Production reports into its vEMI-MCP product. This allowed the organization to become role focused on task execution (which addressed a key training need), execute the tasks using off the shelf mobile devices, and manage the inspection process more efficiently, without having to modify work flow or sacrificing the quality of their reports. They also linked SSOPs to task groupings, and made them visible from the supervisor and cleaner view, with video, photo and text illustrations. While Vigilistics remains focused on delivering data driven process compliance to large enterprises, Gunther feels that the company can have an equally profound impact on food safety by helping smaller facilities self-regulate through ROI driven initiatives such as this one.

Tracing the road ahead Gunther says, “We continue to automate processes around customer validations, because companies who are able to innovate more quickly will achieve a significant and sustainable competitive advantage.” He also intends to equip operators with more sensor technologies, reporting visualizations, and provide more applications for predictive analytics.


Irvine, CA

Craig Gunther, CEO

Creating electronic compliance records using novel method of modeling continuous processes.