Vinimaya: Advances Microsoft's eProcurement System to Provide Smooth B2B Shopping

John Hutchinson, CEO
Microsoft’s ERP solution set has proven its ability to solve complex business requirements across multiple industries. However, when it comes to procurement, Dynamics clients face a challenge to manage punchouts and supplier catalogs, ensure procurement compliance, and maximize user adoption. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vinimaya understands these challenges and provides cloud-based Procurement Marketplace solutions to help Dynamics customers ensure a successful procurement deployment.

Vinimaya ensures that products and services purchased through vMarketPlace are from approved suppliers and at negotiated pricing, all while offering a personalized experience for customers. Seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft and other ERP platforms, the solution facilitates effective catalog management, including punch outs to supplier hosted content where appropriate. The platform utilizes “intelligent parallel search” and directs spend to the correct suppliers and products, giving procurement leaders more time to focus on value-added tasks.

Vinimaya’s solutions provide additional power from their advanced analytics platforms, transforming raw data into actionable information. “Our advanced analytics features allow clients to understand how well supplier prices compare across spend categories,” says John Hutchinson, CEO, Vinimaya. “This information is critical to making informed decisions that drive effective strategies within indirect spend categories,” he adds.

One of the buzzwords in procurement today is compliance. Vinimaya’s Active Compliance Technology(ACT) maximizes savings from contracts negotiated by the customer, while ensuring compliance with established procurement policies. This key capability within the eProcurement marketplace provides broad auditing for price and product compliance, and allows procurement organizations to confidently move to punchouts and supplier hosted catalogs.

Extending the utilization of the Marketplace, Vinimaya Competitive Quoting greatly reduces the time and effort required to achieve triple-bid process compliance (three-bids-and-a-buy) and reduces the overall cost of goods and services.

Our focus lies on continuous improvements in the procurement user experience and also developing the most flexible procurement compliance model available in the market

Companies select Vinimaya as their eProcurement partner for catalog and content management for several reasons, ranging from the cost savings offered by vMarketPlace to its flexibility, compliance and proven ability to maximize user adoption and supplier content. With Vinimaya’s vast experience onboarding suppliers and working with customers in 160 countries, 37 currencies, and 14 languages, there is no barrier to how far the Vinimaya Marketplace can be extended.

“Our clients rave about us because our strict focus on driving real and tangible value, and because of our flexible approach to innovation which involves our clients in the strategic planning and prioritization process,” says Hutchinson.

“Going forward, our focus lies on continuous improvement in the procurement user experience, improving upon the most flexible procurement compliance model available in the market, and providing the power to distill vast amounts of data into actionable information,” says Hutchinson. Vinimaya works as an extension of Microsoft eProcurement solutions, including their upcoming cloudbased release Ranier, to deliver a flexible, intuitive environment that is accessible within the controls and workflow of their system.

With large clients such as Siemens, GE, Corning, City of Columbus, and the State of Tennessee, Vinimaya is poised to drive significant value for any organization looking to take procurement to the next level by improving ease of use, increasing savings, and reducing risk.


Cincinnati, OH

John Hutchinson, CEO

Software solutions provider innovating eProcurement Catalog and B2B Shopping solutions for both buyers and suppliers based on patented Vinimaya vMarketPlace technology platform