Vinix: Shaping the Future of Unified Communications

Mark Diaz, CEO
The speed at which communications in business have changed over the last few years has been impressive. Enhancements to technology-based communication platforms have provided enterprises the ability to evolve in the way they operate both internally and externally, and organizations that embrace the change have an opportunity to share information in an efficient, high-quality manner. As communication systems continue to improve, businesses can tap into the power of leading technology providers to push their operational initiatives forward in the most beneficial way.

Vinix, a communication technology company, focuses on offering the best of cutting edge technology in the communication arena to help businesses enhance both productivity and scalability. CEO Mark Diaz explains the pressing needs of enterprise communication platforms, stating, “High and recurring licensing fees on legacy hardware have proven to be a paradigm that simply no longer make business sense for clients large and small. Vinix leverages next generation cloud communication platforms and software to give organizations complete control over the communication stack.” Vinix understands the desire for companies to have the highest quality in unified communications and access to the platform and software features that best fit their needs.

At Vinix, the driving mission is to provide simplicity, stability, and reliability through core products, creating a solid lineup of services including VoIP and video services, business Internet, SIP trunking, and CPaaS. Diaz states, “Our platform is designed to allow for generalized communications applications as well as vertical and more business precise applications to run in our cloud communication network.” Vinix is a leading unified communication provider because, in addition to providing turn-key solutions, the company combines real-time network updates with client systems. For instance, clients of Vinix have the unique ability to retain ownership of their voicemails, faxes, call recordings, and the like, and they can drop that data on storage that is completely under their control in real-time.

Vinix leverages next generation cloud communication platforms and software to give organizations complete control over the communication stack

Vinix has had the opportunity to serve a wide variety of business customers both large and small with a plethora of unified communication needs. From providing communication platform as a service to critical call center communications to connecting multiple healthcare clinics across a multi-state network, the company has built its product suite based on the underlying operational needs of the businesses it serves. Diaz explains, “We listen closely to customers. Everyone is trying to stand out as the next Steve Jobs of telecom by building products and attempting to push them without consideration to real use cases.” Because Vinix understands how individuals communicate, the company is able to implement unified communication solutions that truly work for enterprises without being intrusive.

In recent years, Vinix has grown exponentially by focusing its efforts on leveraging the latest technology to provide simple and seamless experiences to its customers. The Vinix team goes the extra mile to ensure customer solutions meet and exceed expectations, whether that is the experience of an end user on a voice or video call, creating and maintaining user interfaces, or marrying access and features with the need for business communication security. Diaz states, “With each business client, we offer contextually tailored services along with next generation features, differentiating us from the competition.” As an FCC regulated and certified interconnect VoIP carrier, Vinix plans to continue its growth within the U.S. and Canada, and parts of South and Central America and Europe in the upcoming year while continuing to provide the highest quality unified communications platform to its customers.


North Lauderdale, FL

Mark Diaz, CEO

The Vinix platform’s powerful features allow companies to leverage productivity and scalability in their communications.