VinSolutions: Representing the Auto Market Online

Brian Skutta, VP and General Manager
The upsurge of automotive industry directly links to the implementation rate of inventive technologies. Original Equipment Manufacturers and dealers until recently were fumbling upon vehicle and customer management procedures due to poor and outdated technologies. VinSolutions, a Customer Relationship Management solution provider in the automotive industry has been defying such odds by inventing technologies that help dealers target, manage and retain customers.

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the company adheres to its key motto—‘making every connection count’ by leveraging the potential of dealers connecting with the consumers seamlessly through mobile, online or offline networks. With a complete suite of products that pans over the scope of auto dealership’s needs, VinSolutions provides a fully integrated cloud based solution that comprises different dealership functionalities into a single, user-friendly software.

“As technology evolves, dealers need to interact with customers differently and make each interaction a personal and relevant one. We clearly understand this and work closely with every dealer to know their specific needs and then build technology or solutions accordingly,” says Brian Skutta, VP and General Manager, VinSolutions. Addressing the key pain point of the auto industry— consumers interacting with their dealers through multiple platforms and the content being either lost or unlogged—VinSolutions’ Automotive CRM lets dealers easily log their interactions, manage staff, maximize lead proficiency, and make the desking and sale an easy, more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

VinSolutions takes the many key milestones of the consumers buying cycle and has the ability to track, monitor, and provide the right solution at the right time. From the Internet Lead Management, Inventory Management, Desking, and now a new integration with xTime Service, a dealership can track from marketing campaign execution, to lead generation and sales, to services done at their dealership.
The consumer experience is at the center of the wheel.

The Automotive BDC, a key offering from VinSolutions specializes in dealership operations, sales process, e-commerce, telephone and sales training. The product focuses on matching a customer to a vehicle that meets their needs. Vinsolutions’ product also seamlessly integrates between a dealer’s inventories (DMS) and internet marketing. This software eliminates the need for physical monitoring of several sites to meet truth in advertising benchmarks.

VinSolutions also provides dealers with a suite of products and solutions for their dealership marketing activities–from campaign development of online and traditional marketing channels and strategies to website customization and SEO, SEM, and SMM marketing through its integration with Haystak, a Digital Marketing company they acquired in 2012. The customer data is tied directly back to the CRM so that continuous follow up and tracking can be done. “We are very satisfied with VinSolutions CRM/ILM product. More importantly the technical support staff is extremely attentive and easy to work with. While no software solution is perfect, VinSolutions is by far the best of eight CRM/ILM programs that I have used over the past 5 years,” says Timothy Shook of Continental Automotive Group; a client of VinSolutions.

With the key strategy of listening to dealers before developing solutions and bringing the customer to the center of the solution, VinSolutions has been continuously addressing the problem of the fast moving automotive industry—slow adaption of technology. The company’s vision of the complete online representation of auto market has in fact become a reality with dealers and consumers being well-connected with their technologies. “At VinSolutions we have always believed that the days ahead of us are always better than the days that went behind. With the same hunger for innovation and the same thirst for technological revolution, we look forward to build solutions that add value beyond technology,” adds James Maynard, Chief of Information Technology, VinSolutions.


Overland Park, KS

Brian Skutta, VP and General Manager

Provider of a fully integrated cloud based solution that comprises different dealership functionalities into a single, user-friendly software, helping dealers access all information through multiple channels