Viostream: Enticing Customers with Captivated Digital Experience

Greg Miner, CEO
In the digital economy, video consumption has skyrocketed among the digital natives with its capacity to captivate and engage a viewer. This digital medium of information exchange has opened a plethora of opportunities for marketing and communication teams to deliver a more personalized and engaging experience to customers. Video streaming has emerged as the medium of choice for companies to build brand-to-customer communications and analyze customer behavior. “As corporates seek to gain business outcomes with streaming video, we saw a need for an enterprise grade solution to manage and deliver live and on-demand video,” described Greg Miner, CEO, Viostream. Headquartered in Australia but with a global customer base, Viostream provides enterprise grade video platforms—enabling live and on-demand streaming video in order to enhance business profits.

Viostream’s flagship product is a cloud based interactive video platform that is designed to source and manage the video content in a simple and cost-effective way. Through the product’s interactive features, marketing teams can manage their video content, push live or recorded streaming video through their website, social media or digital applications, and turn viewers into engaged customers. Features such as clickable calls to action, or searchable dialogue, can enable a direct connection between video views and desired business outcomes. The video can also be easily integrated within the marketing automation platforms in a closed loop.

Furthermore, Viostream’s media analytics such as viewer engagement (watch time) and play rate gives insight into the effectiveness of customer messaging. “The real value with the customer engagement can be derived once the video loop is closed and user level is tracked to get clear visibility about the customer’s experience,” adds Miner. This analysis can be fed into the marketing communications teams CRM or Learning Management System (LMS). “Marketing teams can trigger a personalized sales engagement based on a customer having watched videos or make it easy for viewers to define their next step with clickable calls to action in the video.”

The real value of video for customer engagement comes when you give them the capability to interact with the content

Viostream has developed strong professional service capabilities aligned with robust technology to deliver online live streams for major global events. Viostream is the video streaming partner of TED Talks in Australia, and has been developing innovations such as live streams that the viewer can tag moments in, to bookmark for later viewing or real-time sharing with their networks. Pushing the boundaries with brands like TED has enabled Viostream to give marketing technology buyer’s tangible ways to enhance audience engagement. For instance—a sales conference can be live streamed to the entire world, along with tagging the sentences used in the presentations, for future reference purposes. Further, the video dialogue search capability enables the viewers to search for words spoken in a video making video a valuable interaction source.

Many enterprises have attained market success and positive public engagement after incorporating Viostream into their environment. In one high profile example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) approached Viostream to live stream the AWS Summit in Singapore in 2014. Following a successful event, and positive public feedback, the AWS marketing team have now standardized on Viostream as its video management platform to deliver their Global Summit series and manage all video marketing content.

Viostream is planning to extend its market foothold by developing advanced cloud based enterprise video streaming solutions that will cater to customers across the globe. The firm is also planning to consistently bring out innovations in enterprise video search and online customer interaction solutions. “We are going to integrate our solutions with diverse enterprise applications to make video a natural part of the digital tech stack,” concludes Miner.


Sydney, NSW

Greg Miner, CEO

Provides live and on-demand streaming video to transform the way customer organizations engage with their audiences