VIP Event Resources (VIPER): Streamlining Destination Management

Jeff Volmrich, CEO
From proposal building to program management and execution, Destination Management Companies (DMC) has traditionally been reliant on manpower for success, reflecting the low visibility and error-prone nature of the industry. Utah-based VIP Event Resources (VIPER) identified the laborious reality while managing their own intricate DMC workflow. This insight marked the turning point for VIPER, which sold the DMC—with which VIPER is no longer affiliated—and set out to revolutionize the industry by introducing its own cloud-based event planning and program management platform. VIPER started as a proposal tool for DMCs; yet today, VIPER marks its unique presence in the industry as a comprehensive software solution born within the industry to help users out of antiquated workflow systems and build proposals with cost details in just a matter of minutes.

As VIPER’s CEO Jeff Volmrich opines, “Leveraging the power of cloud-based tools, VIPER is purpose-built to specifically suit DMCs and the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry while being adaptable to the specific workflow of individual companies as well.” VIPER is loaded with information including vendors, hotels, proposal content, pricing, proposal templates, contract templates, and branding to make proposal building and program management faster, easier, and less error-prone, while empowering DMCs to deliver a superior client experience.

In the highly manpower-intensive DMC environment, VIPER seamlessly assists its customers in decreasing manual work while improving workflow and business management by reducing redundancy, eliminating errors, and enhancing cost tracking. VIPER integrates a DMC’s various processes such as planning, designing, budgeting, and event execution into one cloud-based application, improving the visibility and continuity of information throughout the platform for all user groups. Moreover, all the information stored in the platform can be managed, manipulated, and modified in real time during any stage of the process.

Further enhancing the user experience, VIPER’s one-click publishing allows DMCs to share proposals instantly with customers.

Leveraging the power of the Cloud, VIPER was designed specifically to suit DMCs, meeting planners and the MICE industry

The proposals are cloud-based, so when a DMC makes changes, all updates will be available to every user in real time with a simple click of the refresh button. VIPER’s superior analytics functionality enhances the user workflow by identifying how clients interact with proposal content and providing email notifications when clients view proposals. This allows VIPER customers to identify actual customer preferences and make a collaborative relationship with the clients. Ensuring best-in-breed services, VIPER regularly collects feedback from their power users—clients that use VIPER frequently—with an integrated feature request communication system within the support site. “We identify their requirements and incorporate requested changes into VIPER, improving and evolving the process,” says Volmrich.

Volmrich recalls one instance when VIPER assisted a DMC in northwest Canada that wanted to expand its services to more geographic locations. After realizing the need for a technology solution to assist in proposal building and program management, the firm chose VIPER. Offering visibility and ease of use, VIPER seamlessly suited their expansion plan, providing error-free operation as well as flexibility to thrive in an expanded market.

With a young, forward-thinking and dedicated team, VIPER today aims to incorporate the best technological features into the platform to provide a seamless experience for its customers. The firm is releasing a new set of functionality, which will enable DMCs to connect directly with their suppliers and agencies for better business relationships and optimized management.

VIP Event Resources

Park City, UT

Jeff Volmrich, CEO

Provides software solutions leveraging cloud-based tools and analytics for DMCs and MICE travel companies

VIP Event Resources