Vippinn: Delivering People-Focused Digital Transformation

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Facundo Aguirre, Co-founder and CEO
In digital transformation, the spotlight usually falls on implementing technology solutions that are highly effective in problem-solving. However, in the mechanical quest for raising efficiency and KPIs through digitalization across all organizational levels, the human factor takes the backseat. In an increasingly competitive landscape, organizations willing to stand out need to deliver great products and services to their clients and ensure an enhanced digital experience to the end users.

Vippinn is changing the way organizations deliver outstanding end-user experiences with its radical people-focused approach to fostering digital transformation. The company develops technology solutions and offers its domain expertise in digital transformation to organizations to meet their unique digitalization needs. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the satisfaction of the final client—the end user of the tech products.

“We focus on providing a better and easier end-user experience by making the new technology adoption process more human and friendlier,” says Facundo Aguirre, co-founder and CEO of Vippinn.

What helps Vippinn make a strong mark across Latin American, Central American, and European markets is its single-minded focus on thoroughly understanding clients’ digitalization issues and accordingly modifying its base products and services with unmatched flexibility. It maximizes outcomes that enhance clients’ overall happiness indicators at each phase of digital transformation.

Vippinn’s suite of digital transformation services includes a product factory, business solutions, and staff augmentation services. Vippinn’s product factory comprises professional teams of developers, testers, and user experience experts that build and test digital applications and software and determine the ideal user interface to serve the needs of both organizations and their customers. Its business solutions unit leverages IT solutions to provide implementation services and technological advising for large multinational companies (MNCs) having system integrator (SI) business units, such as Coca-Cola and Telefonica. Lastly, as part of its staff augmentation services, Vippinn provides resources to support specific digital transformation projects of clients.
Vippinn offers these services through a five-step process. The first step involves discovering the organization’s digital transformation pain points. In the next step, Vippinn explores the ground situation and proposes solutions to resolve the identified issues. Once the client agrees to a proposal, Vippinn builds technical teams and digital tools for the initial on boarding. It then executes the pre-decided plan of action. Finally, in the last step, Vippinn keeps track of the ongoing project for any new issues and reworks its plan accordingly until successful project completion.

Through this process, Vippinn has scripted numerous success stories. In a notable instance, Vippinn developed an instant messaging application for a client that allowed the user to schedule a message to be sent at a particular time in the future. This project had initially run into hiccups, which led the client to bring in Vippinn to not just create the application but also build new development and management teams to fix the application code. The project was a grand success with fully satisfied clients and end users, courtesy of Vippinn.

We focus on providing a better and easier end-user experience by making the new technology adoption process more human and friendlier

In another instance, Vippinn assisted an MNC in developing a new ERP solution and re-implementing its IT systems in sync with the new solution. Vippinn also redesigned and restructured the old website of a medical service company to make it more user-friendly, information- and feature-rich, and easily navigable.

Enabling Vippinn to offer impactful digital transformation services to organizations and their customers is its positively disruptive attitudes toward its teams and clients. Its people-centric approach creates an atmosphere of excellence, contentment, and motivation for its employees to thrive and generate immense value for clients. Similarly, Vippinn’s view of clients as a fellow player makes a huge difference in enhancing their digital transformation journey.

Strongly focused on delivering great user experiences, Vippinn is steadily emerging as the go-to choice for organizations that increasingly seek to embrace the human aspect on their road to digital transformation and engage end users better.


Córdoba, Argentina

Facundo Aguirre, Co-founder and CEO

Vippinn provides a range of software, technology, and project management services that enable the digital transformation of companies of all sizes. Its services are imbibed with a deep focus on people-centrism that aims to enhance the end-user experience for clients